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What is YCN?

YCN's Mission

We foster excellence in capstone teaching and learning through forging a strong community of practice around capstones at York.

“I’ve learned so much from engineering prof, science profs, health profs and likewise I teach in humanities, they’re learning from me also. So, this is the true interdisciplinary venues where pedagogy can flourish.”

— Carolyn Steele, YCN Associate Director

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YCN is made up of four parts:


A way to bring together professors, staff, partners, and students to learn about and celebrate capstone teaching and learning.

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SoTL Research

A repository of capstone-related scholarly resources.

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C4: Cross Campus Capstone Classroom

An award-winning, innovative classroom for high-impact, interdisciplinary, team-based learning.

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Project Commons

A living archive of partner-linked projects available to any course at York.

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Why should I join YCN?

There are lots of reasons to join the York Capstone Network:

  • Get inspired by capstone colleagues and experts
  • Share and get valuable feedback on your own capstone ideas
  • Obtain new insights on student capstone experiences, from students themselves
  • Foster the development of online capstone resources for faculty and students
  • Contribute to the development of a "teaching-positive" culture on campus

How can I get involved?

Write to to join the mailing list and to learn about the next Capstone Cafe.

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OR send us your passion project for students to tackle by filling out this pitch form.

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