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Gestures of the Everyday: On the making of Anti-extractive pedagogies

CERLAC presents:

Gestures of the Everyday: On the making of Anti-extractive pedagogies


We invite you to engage with us in considering what is possible when educational work is created with attention to both human and land-earth histories.  This invitation stems from two SSHRC projects in Andean Ecuador (Cristina Delgado Vintimilla & Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw), where, alongside women and children, we aim to create alternative relational logics amidst extractive capitalism.

What choreographies of the possible might emerge when the intersection of artistic work and pedagogy meet women and children resisting multiple forms of extractive capitalism?  What relational futures are we able to dream when land and water are considered beings that exists in reciprocity and deep interrelation? If pedagogical work happens in the relation between memory and envisioning, what happens when pedagogy encounters the everyday lives of women and children living on Andean territory?

Wednesday June 19, 2024

12:30 – 2:30

Kaneff Tower 626

York University


Hybrid event:



Sisa Pacari Bacacela is a Kichwa woman, teacher, and knowledge keeper from the Saraguro nation in Ecuador.  She has taught Andrean literature, Kichwa, and Natural Medicine at Amawtay Wasi University and CEDEL.  As a researcher and writer, she has published poetry, essays, and articles.  Soda is a defender of the Kichwa language, women’s rights, and human rights, and an activist for Pachamama and water.  She is Vice President of Saraguro Kichwa Ayllukunapak Tantanakuy SAKIAT (2022-2024) and coordinates the Network of Indigenous Educators (NIE) of Abya Yala.


Valeria Leon born in Cuenca, Ecuador, is an artist working with illustration and relational art.  She creates aesthetic and pedagogical projects with children in rural Andean Ecuador.  Valeria holds degrees in visual arts, illustrated children’s books, and pedagogy in the arts.  Her practice is marked by sensitivity to subtle aspects, encouraging reflection and expanding awareness through shared experiences in diverse contexts.


Co-sponsors: Faculty of Education, Western University, SSHRC


Jun 19 2024


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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