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Baptista Prizewinning Essays

Baptista Prizewinning Essays

2021 Winners

GRADUATE: Amber Williams-King, When Palm Trees Break: the Fractured Horizons of Black Caribbean World-Making in the Midst of Crisis

GRADUATE: Rachel Lobo, “A Willingness to Dig”: Autonomous Feminist Struggles and Care Work

2020 Winners

GRADUATE: Giovanni Carranza-Hernandez, Hemispheric racial formations: Making sense of Central and South Americans’ experience of race and ethnicity in Toronto, Canada 

UNDERGRADUATE: Enzo Flores Montoya, Lo fantasmagórico en Pedro Paramo y la metamorfosis en Silver: Una critica Marxista de la modernidad y del progreso 

2019 Winner

GRADUATE: Kimberly Palmer, A Geography of Resistance and Recuperation: A Global Defense of Garifuna Place

2018 Winner

UNDERGRADUATE: Laura Perez, Values of Sustainability. A Case Study of Environmental Development and Growth in Costa Rica and Brazil

2017 Winners

GRADUATE: Hannah Rackow, Clothing as Remains: Performance After Atrocity

GRADUATE Honorable Mention: Carmen Umana-Kinitzki, Water is Life: Embodied Encounters and Local Values of the Río Peñas Blancas in Response to Potential Hydroelectric Dam Development in South-Pacific Costa Rica

UNDERGRADUATE: Carlos Handy Charles, Transnational Social Field: A framework to Analyze National Identity and the Haitian State’s Cultural Politics of Belonging in the Haitian Diaspora

2016 Winners

GRADUATE: Alyssa James, Ambivalent Resistance. Gender, mobility, and Haiti's itinerant market women

GRADUATE: Josh Mentanko, The fluttering gait and the powder puff are unheard of here": Gay Travel to Revolutionary Mexico

GRADUATE Honorable Mention: Ciann Wilson, Beyond the Colonial Divide: African Diasporic and Indigenous Youth Alliance Building for HIV Prevention

UNDERGRADUATE: Elise Dueck, The La Platosa Conflict

UNDERGRADUATE Honorable Mention: Camila Acosta Varela, 'Decolonizing the nation-state': Indigenous Autonomy, Extractivism, and Consultation in Contemporary Bolivia

2015 Winners

GRADUATE: John Laman, Revisiting the Sanctuary City: Citizenship or Abjection? Spotlighting the Case of Toronto

UNDERGRADUATE: Jahkeil Goldson, The Project of Modemity: Epistemic Violence and its Relationship with Essentialism and Hegemony

UNDERGRADUATE: Fred Daou, Hybridity: A High Breed of Antiimperialism Politics

2014 Winners

GRADUATE: Nadia Halum Arauz, Atahualpa's Legacy: Analyzing the Impact of Good Mining on Peru's Campesino Community

GRADUATE: Jenna Meguid, Colombia's Peace Talks

UNDERGRADUATE: Jorge Villatoro, The Emergence of the Regional Cult of El Señor de Esquipulas

2013 Winners

GRADUATE: Priya Chendke, My Peruvian Museum

GRADUATE: Terrine Friday, Copyright Economy: Protecting works of Mas in Trinidad and Tobago's Culture Industry

UNDERGRADUATE: Nabila Islam, Subject Making and Resistance in the Amazon: 16th to 20th Century

2012 Winners

GRADUATE: Lisane Thirsk, Law and The Discursive Construction of Street Harassment as Violence in Mexico City

UNDERGRADUATE HONORABLE MENTION: Katia Hoyos Saleme, The Pawns in the Globalization Game

UNDERGRADUATE HONORABLE MENTION: Allan Jacobson Spessoto, Recuperated Workplaces

2011 Winners

GRADUATE: Charis Kamphuis, Foreign Investment and the Privatization of Coercion: A Case Study of the Forza Security Company in Peru

GRADUATE: Caren Weisbart, Beyond Recogniton: Alternative Rights-Realizing Strategies in the Northern Quiche Region of Guatemala

UNDERGRADUATE: Rolando Aguilera, Impunity on Trial: the Case for Repealing El Salvador's Amnesty Law

2010 Winners

GRADUATE: Priscila Becker, The Convention on Biological Diversity, Indigenous Peoples and Conservation of Biodiversity

UNDERGRADUATE: Margaret Bancerz, Counter-Hegemony and ALBA: The Answer to the FTAA

2009 Winners

GRADUATE: Laurence Robitaille, Understanding Capoeira through Cultural Theories of the Body

UNDERGRADUATE: Emmanuelle Fick, The Body, the Stage, and the Theory: Unpacking the Body in Aime Cesaire's ‘The Tragedy of King Christophe’

2008 Winners

GRADUATE: Nicholas Balaisis, The Publicness of Melodrama in the Cuban Special Period

UNDERGRADUATE: Laura Landertinger, Brazil's Landless Workers Movement (MST)

2007 Winners

GRADUATE: Talia Wooldridge, Cuban Raperas: A Feminist Revolution within the Revolution

UNDERGRADUATE: Kate Sheese, Contesting Victimhood: Indigenous Women and Violence in Chiapas, Mexico

2006 Winners

GRADUATE: Jasmin Hristov, Visibilizing and Humanizing Indigenous Peasant Movements: The Case of the CRIC in Colombia

GRADUATE HONOURABLE MENTION: Marcelo Vieta, The Worker-Recovered Enterprises Movement in Argentina

UNDERGRADUATE: Jillian Ollivierre, Sex on the Beach: Hypersexuality, ‘Making Do,’ and Sexual Health in the Anglophone Caribbean

2005 Winners

GRADUATE: Gena Chang-Campbell, 'Y/O' Mestizaje as Foil and Fetish of Postcolonial Consciousness

UNDERGRADUATE: Fabiola Rios, Filling the Gap: The Colonial Project and the Goddess

2004 Winners

GRADUATE: Jennifer Costanza, Elusive Hegemony: A Critical Analysis of United States Policy towards Haiti

UNDERGRADUATE: Kathryn Grimbly, Caribbean Visual Arts in the Era of Post-Modernism

2003 Winners

GRADUATE: Aaron K. Kamugisha, Reading Said and Wynter on Liberation and the Caribbean Intellectual Tradition

UNDERGRADUATE: Jillian Di Nallo, A Great Mistake to Go By Looks”: Overcoming Stereotypes in Caribbean Literature

2002 Winners

GRADUATE: Scott Pearce, Fueling War: The Impact of Canadian Oil Investment on the Conflict in Colombia

UNDERGRADUATE: Jasmin Hristov, Neoliberalism and Authoritarianism in Argentina: Unrevealed Connections

2001 Winners

GRADUATE: Frank Scherer, Chinese Shadows: Fernando Ortiz on Race and Cubanity

UNDERGRADUATE: Megan Rivers-Moore, The Myth of Racial Equality: Contesting the Discourse of National Identity in Cuba

2000 Winners

GRADUATE: Juan Gabriel Ronderos: The War on Drugs, Its Military Perspective and Its Consequences for Latin America: The Case of Colombia

1999 Winners

GRADUATE: Hendrick Van Harten, The Olive Branch or the Straight Jacket? Guatemala's Peace Accords in a Free Trade Area of the Americas

UNDERGRADUATE: Chris Pennington, In the Absence of God: French Catholicism, English Protestantism, and the Welfare of the Plantation Slaves in the 17th and 18th Century Caribbean

1998 Winners

GRADUATE: D. Garcia, The Protection of Creditors Under a New Jamaican Companies Act

UNDERGRADUATE: Demitry Papasotiriou, Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune? The Latin American Debt Crisis