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"Smart Cities. Critical Debates on Big Data, Urban Development, and Social Environmental Sustainability", Negin Minaei (Ed.) (book launch, virtual)

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Join us for a book launch and panel discussion with the editor and authors of Smart Cities: Critical Debates on Big Data, Urban Development, and Social Environmental Sustainability, book edited by Dr. Negin Minaei.


- Negin Minaei (Ed.)                        - Toby Mottram

- Camilla Ween                               - Adam Jones

- Parisa Kloss                                 - Anna Artyushina


Prof. Linda Peake, Director of the City Institute.


Zoom link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 967 8313 7135


About the book:

In the age of global climate change, society will require cities that are environmentally self-sufficient, able to withstand various environmental problems and recover quickly. It is interesting to note that many "smart" solutions for cities are leading to an unsustainable future, including further electrification, an increased dependence on the Internet, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, and basically any technology that leads us to consume more electricity. This book examines critical topics in Smart Cities such as true sustainability and the resilience required for all cities. It explores sustainability issues in agriculture and the role of agri-technology for a sustainable future, including a city’s ability to locally produce food for its residents.


- Discusses safety, security, data management, and privacy issues in Smart Cities
- Examines the various emerging forms of transportation infrastructure and new vehicle technology
- Considers how energy efficiency can be achieved through behavioral change through specific building operations

Smart Cities: Critical Debates on Big Data, Urban Development and Social Environmental Sustainability brings awareness to professionals working in the fields of environmental, civil, and transportation engineering, urban planners, and political leaders about different environmental aspects of Smart Cities and refocuses attention on critical urban infrastructure that will be necessary to respond to future challenges including climate change, food insecurity, natural hazards, energy production, and resilience.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Smart Urban Development, Sustainability and Resilience.

Chapter 1. Sustainable Urbanization: Why We Have to Change: Toward Justice and Lifestyles That Respect the Planet and Its Inhabitants, by Camilla Ween.

Chapter 2. The Interaction Between Resilience and Intelligence of Cities, by Parisa Kloss.

Part II: Food Security and Smart Urban Agriculture.

Chapter 3. Nurturing Clever Cities: The Intersection Between Urban Agriculture and Smart Technologies, by Emma Burnett.

Chapter 4. Sustainable Food: The Role of Digital Agritechnology, by Toby Mottram.

Part III: Smart City, Built Environment and Data Privacy.

Chapter 5. Is This Architecture Sustainable? Operational Energy Efficiency and The Pursuit of Behavioral Change Through Building Operation, by Adam Jones and Negin Minaei.

Chapter 6. Alphabet is Here to ‘Fix’ Toronto: Algorithmic Governance in Sidewalk Labs’ Smart City, by Anna Artyushina.

Chapter 7. Future Transport and Logistics in Smart Cities: Safety and Privacy, by Negin Minaei.




Oct 21 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


via Zoom


The City Institute at York University
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