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Orientation Fall 2023

If you are a new Science student, you probably have many questions about university life, the campus and classes. You’d like to meet some of  your professors or senior students and ask them what first year will be like. If you are a parent, you may be wondering about the resources available on campus for your child. Bethune College is the college affiliated with the Faculty of Science, and we provide academic orientation for science students.

Students: Get the answers you need and get your official welcome to university life by attending Academic Orientation Day at Bethune College.

Make new friends as you meet your fellow students, meet professors and students from your program and learn about important resources to support you in your first year. This is the perfect way to get a great start to university life!

Fall Orientation:

We want you to have a smooth transition to university life, we will plan this orientation to help you succeed at York. We will introduce you to academic services, social activities, recreational activities and facilities available to you, both at Bethune College and throughout the University. We want to help you make connections. We want you to feel at home.

Physics & Astronomy TBD
Math & StatsTBD