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2021 Holiday Celebration Blog Entries

“This is my first year at York, so this exam season will be my first of many more to come. I cannot lie, I was pretty stressed thinking about how I could manage upcoming assignments, exams and tests; but I have found healthy ways to relax and manage my stress. I have been taking walks and learning new recipes, one of which was a white chocolate cookie recipe! Although they were not as good as the ones I had bought from the store, I was still proud of my work. I also have been spending a lot more time talking with my family and thinking about our favourite memories around the holidays. We don't celebrate any holidays or events in December but my birthday. We always laugh about the strange but thoughtful gifts we had given one another during our birthdays when we were younger. As we approach the end of the year, I hope 2022 brings prosperity, happiness, and peace amongst myself and everyone around me. I hope I can keep the same optimism and motivation I have had towards my school work that I have had in the fall semester. I look forward to getting on campus and exploring York!”

First Year SHPM Student

Star-shaped sugar cookies with white frosting on top

“When I was an undergrad at York, back in the early 1990s, I would purchase York U children's sweaters for my young nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts. I really enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephews wearing their York U sweaters over the winter seasons. Funny enough, two of my nephews became York U grads themselves!”

Clayton Rhodes, CCSC Alum

Knitted sweaters folded and stacked together

In December 2019, I remembered walking into the Aviva Centre for my final exam as the fresh snowflakes fell on top of my old and warm red Canadian Olympic Team mittens. The word "CAN" marked each mitten. I can do it.

It was quite an experience to sit in a room of about 1000 students. Everyone shuffled across the big centre like tiny ants, shuffling to their desks as the timer on the clock started to tick. Quite intimidating, I thought. At least one of the professors decided to wear an elf hat. I wrote my exam. Submitted, handed in the scrawled piece of paper. I did it.

However, just like others leaving the centre, I did not expect 2020 to turn out the way it did. But it did. And here we are, at the end of the year in 2021.

It has been quite some two years we've had. Online learning, in-person learning, Zoom fatigue, you name it. It has been something. However, let's not forget that we did it - laughed, smiled, cried, and infuriated all at the same time together. We got through 2021, now let's get through 2022.

We can.

Tina Le Huynh, Third Year KINE Student

“My hopes for the 2022 year is a year free of COVID-19, a year filled with news that will make me smile until my cheeks hurt and probably make me cry (yes I'm talking about graduate school) and a year where we are stronger from the past.”

Derya Sönmez, Fourth Year PSYC Student

A snowman in the middle of a field wearing a Santa hat and a plaid scarf

Namamasko Po!

"Christmas is the most awaited holiday of the year for Filipinos around the world. You may ask why and I'm glad you asked... It is summed up into one word: reunion. University students get reunited with their soft and comfy bed after a few tough weeks studying for finals. University students get reunited with the tv or Netflix shows they meant to finish. University students get reunited with fresh and savory home cooked meals they have not had since the beginning of the school year. And lastly, university students get reunited with their families whom they have not had a chance to spend time with. It is so easy to reunite with things like these but never when you realize you are far away from home.

As an almost-second generation of Filipino-Canadian, it is hard to spend the holidays knowing your family here in Canada is incomplete. For my case, my parents' siblings and their children are all back home. I am aware of how distant I am from my cousins because I have no time and money to go back home. We opt out to using either Facebook Messenger or Zoom for all of us to be in one location yet it still does not feel the same as being in the same room as them.

With COVID-19 still up in the air around these days, it is tragic to know that Filipinos around the world would have another hard time of celebrating the holidays because some of us have lost relatives due to the deadly disease. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that with time almost stopping us to reunite with our loved ones, let us not stop making efforts and cherish today like it is our last day on Earth. If it was me, I would video call my relatives back home every day."

Kimberly Yanto, Fourth Year SHPM Student

A bird's eye view of a dinner table. People are passing around food.