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Affiliated Programs

McLaughlin College is associated with a diverse mix of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies degree and certificate programs, offered in the departments of Social Sciences, Politics and Sociology, and School of Public Policy & Administration. Learn more about these offerings below.

LA&PS Programs Supported by McLaughlin College


Discover how the study of crime and its control intersects with social life and connects to the pursuit of justice. This program focuses on not only crime and criminal justice but also processes of criminalization and social regulation.

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Global Political Studies

Gain the skills you need to analyze the governance of global forces and evaluate responses to tough questions in today’s global landscape. This program focuses on the political community; diversity and inequality; the nature of security, peace and violence; and major transformations in global, regional and domestic politics.

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Interdisciplinary Social Science

Examine historical and contemporary issues within the social science field, including sustainability and the environment, social justice and diversity, diaspora and global development.

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Law & Society

Sharpen your research and analytical skills in fields as varied as philosophy, anthropology and criminology as you pursue the knowledge of the law, how it has impacted the course of history and the role it plays in today’s society.

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Political Science

Explore the actions of governments, judicial systems and political parties while discovering movements in society and the power relations of everyday life. This program is designed to develop your political analysis ability, critical skills and democratic awareness.

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Public Administration

This program aims to provide education for good governance. With a strong emphasis on social justice and public ethics, and a commitment to democratic values. Courses involve a mix of disciplines.

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Examine social interaction and explore thought-provoking topics such as social inequality, the causes and effects of global migration, and the meaning of gender and race in society.

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Work & Labour Studies

Learn how work occupies much of our lives, influences how we live and think about the world. Explore the complex nature of work and employment, the impact of globalization and the role of trade unions.

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McLaughlin Supported Collegium

York Collegium for Practical Ethics

A research group at McLaughlin College, the collegium aims to raise awareness of practical ethics. It also seeks to integrate ethics into everyday life in our communities, including businesses, government and the professions.

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Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto

This is the place where conversations about ethics happen. The centre advances research and teaching in the field of ethics. It also seeks to bring together the theoretical and practical knowledge of scholars, students, public servants and social leaders to increase understanding of the ethical dimensions of individual, social and political life.

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