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Student Council

We are at your service, offering both academic support and exciting events for McLaughlin students. The council's job is to represent the voice of students at York and provide ways for like-minded students to meet one another. We offer trips, coffee houses, themed week-long events, games tournaments and much more. We can also direct you to the services and resources you need to support your studies.

Looking for a rewarding way to give back? Contribute to our academic and social student support system by joining McLaughlin College Student Council.

What We Do

Represent McLaughlin students at York, civic and other events.

Share student ideas McLaughlin and York community.

Develop student leadership through event planning.

Contribute to school spirit and support community welfare.

Offer events, sports and other activities to connect students.

McLaughlin College is a place where one can find a warm and welcoming community. As we all begin to emerge out of the pandemic, rest assured that McLaughlin College Council is committed to providing our constituents with enriching events and camaraderie. Rest assured that we can’t wait to see you all when we are able to return to campus. Whether in person or virtual, the Mac fam is here for you, and we can’t wait to turn up with y'all again soon!

— Sofinari Grange
President, McLaughlin College Student Council

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Upcoming Events

Meet the McLaughlin College Student Council

Profile photo of Sofinari Grange

Sofinari Grange


profile photo of Deserae Fulcott

Deserae Fulcott

VP of Operations

profile photo of Jessica Chua

Jessica Chua

VP of Events and Programming

profile photo of Brittney Lumanda

Brittney Lumanda

VP of Communications

profile photo of Marissa Clarke

Marrissa Clarke

VP of Academic Affairs

profile photo of Fleursha Milfort

Fleursha Milfort

VP of Commuter Relations

Jhasmine Advincula profile photo

Jhasmine Advincula

VP of Athletics

Desiree Coombs-Stevens profile photo

Desiree Coombs-Stevens

VP of Financial Affairs

Antonio Roach profile photo

Antonio Roach

Director of Athletics

Sean Sarangay profile photo

Sean Sarangay

Orientation Chair

profile photo of Kimberly Oreste

Kimberly Oreste

Orientation Chair

Brittany Deer profile photo

Brittany Deer


Julia Facey profile photo

Julia Facey


Zoe Amponsah profile photo

Zoe Amponsah

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)

Akaash Mohan profile photo

Akassh Mohan

Outreach Chair

Tasnem Yahya profile photo

Tasnem Yahya

Outreach Chair

profile photo of Sarah Bidemi Olufemi

Sarah Bidemi Olufemi

McLaughlin College Y.F.S. Director