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PASS Program

Want to complete a difficult course? Or even ace it? The PASS program is here to help. In small weekly group-learning sessions, a PASS leader will help students collaborate, develop learning strategies and prepare for exams. Leaders are familiar with the coursework because they've already completed it and received an A or A+.

We know certain courses are challenging, but PASS programs have been documented as an effective strategy for success in such demanding courses. You'll feel more comfortable asking questions in a small group, avoid leaving studying to the last minute and enjoy the interactive style of learning. You're strongly encouraged to attend PASS weekly to foster your success.

About PASS

What is PASS?

PASS stands for Peer-Assisted Study Sessions. These weekly collaborative learning sessions are for students who want to improve their understanding of the content in selected challenging courses.

Why participate in PASS?

PASS will help you integrate what to learn with how to learn so you can succeed in your course. Students who attend PASS regularly have a greater chance of acquiring effective strategies for learning the course material and improving their study habits. Sessions are free, and you may attend as often as you like.

What happens during these sessions?

Students discuss and collaborate with classmates to work through important concepts, develop study strategies for exams and do practice tests on the course material.

Who are PASS Leaders?

PASS leaders are peer facilitators. They assist students in becoming independent learners by planning activities that encourage them to work together to process and learn course material themselves. They are not expected to reteach the course.

PASS Works!

Research shows that attending PASS regularly will increase student academic performance.

Supported Courses

  • POLS 1000 - Introduction to Politics
  • PPAS 1110 - Introduction to Public Administration: Bureaucracy and Western Liberal Capitalist Democracy
  • PPAS 3300 - Statistics for Social Sciences
  • SOCI 2030 - Sociological Research Methods
  • SOCI 2040 - Sociological Theory

Seeing the students share their thoughts and encourage each other to persevere through course difficulties is a reminder that collaboration and a sense of solidarity can make all the difference, especially when students feel like they aren't grasping a concept. I think PASS is a great way to meet other students. PASS helps you develop study strategies to learn more effectively and centres on teamwork to get through course difficulties and to help you persevere through course difficulties.

— Joanne Ong
PASS Leader, McLaughlin College