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Be a University Experience Presenter

Share your university experience with local high school students through this meaningful volunteer opportunity. As a current undergraduate, you'll talk to teens about what to expect in university, dispel common myths and explain why they should seriously consider post-secondary education as an option.

You will be provided with training and can adapt your presentation to suit your experiences. After the day of service, you'll gather to discuss what you learned and how the experience impacted you. We also get feedback from high school principals and teachers to share with the group.

How do I sign up?

This program is held throughout the entire academic year. Recruitment for volunteer presenters is done through our nc-announce ListServ/database. If you do not receive our emails and would like to be added to the list, email

If you are a local high school that would like to have our student leaders come meet your students, contact our office at

"The two presenters did a good job connecting with students. Presenters were engaged and presented valuable insight on university life and the courses that are offered."

— Saraya Elwin, teacher from Westview Centennial Secondary School