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Christina-Elizabeth Ioannides

Christina-Elizabeth Ioannides

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Christina-Elizabeth Ioannides

vanier college alumna Christina Elizabeth Ioannides

Hellenic Studies 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hellenic Studies program's requirements for taking courses revolving around both Ancient and Modern Greece. This appealed to me when I was applying to university, and was the main reason why I chose to study at York. Additionally, as a Greek-Canadian, I found it really important that Ancient and Modern Greek language courses were available at York. I was able to improve my language skills and meet other students with similar interests to mine.

I was also able to participate in an international internship abroad. This was a pleasant surprise on a number of levels as I was able to work in an archive in Greece for approximately three months, and experience my studies first hand. I highly recommend this opportunity to any student because this will grant you the opportunity to network, gain experience, and self-develop.