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Vanier Residence

Living in residence offers not only a convenient location close to your classes, but also a unique opportunity to get involved in the college and campus community. You can take on a part-time job or a leadership role, such as volunteering on Residence Council – and get to know other students who share your interests.

While it looks like an apartment building, this traditional residence offers single and double rooms with shared bathrooms. Vanier is entirely non-smoking and is organized into six houses. Each house in the Vanier Residence consists of two floors, with a common room on every odd floor that includes a microwave, TV and comfortable furniture.

Vanier Dons

Every even-numbered floor in Vanier Residence has a Don – an upper-year student who is here to support you and act as a resource during your time in residence. In collaboration with the Don of Leadership and Learning Opportunities, the Dons develop events and programs to enhance your experience.

Residence Life Coordinator

The Residence Life Coordinator is another resident resource who supervises the Dons and oversees all aspects of residence life.

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