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Safe Water Optimization Tool at the Emergency Environmental Health Forum

The Safe Water Optimization Tool (SWOT) led by Dahdaleh Institute Research Fellow Dr. Syed Imran Ali will be presenting at the annual Emergency Environmental Health Forum (EEHF). The EEHF is the leading forum for emergency WASH practitioners, managers, and academics to share the latest in research and innovation the sector. The EEHF will be comprised […]

Dahdaleh Institute Global Health Seminar with Dr. Courtney Howard - "Summers of Smoke: living well through the wildfires of the climate emergency"

In 2014, hundreds of wildfires throughout the NWT led to what became known in Yellowknife as the "Summer of Smoke." In partnership with the Yellowknives Dene, the Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation, and with Dahdaleh Institute Director Dr. James Orbinski as principal investigator, Dr. Courtney Howard conducted a quantitative and qualitative investigation into the impact of […]

The Military as a Disease Vector, from the 19th Century to COVID-19: Implications for Global Health Policy and Equity - seminar with Prof. Chaufan

This presentation by Prof. Chaufan and her research team will report findings of a systematic review of the literature spanning two centuries on the role of the military as an infectious disease vector. It will show that notwithstanding the strong evidence for a wide range of biosocial mechanisms that facilitate disease transmission between the military […]

Dahdaleh Institute Summer Intern Symposium

The Dahdaleh Institute worked with exceptional students this summer through our Internship Program, founded in an experiential education approach.  Interns worked on projects on the climate-health nexus, performance accountability in maternal care, social science and health interventions, Covid-19 and inequity, design and global health, and more.  As their work comes to an end, please join […]

The Planetary Health Film Lab Micro Film Festival

This one-hour event will showcase four short films made by Indigenous youth who participated in this year's edition of The Planetary Health Film Lab, hosted by the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research. Each film runs between three and seven minutes in length and profiles Indigenous perspectives, impacts, and solutions to planetary health issues in their communities. […]

Seminar Series - Decolonizing Global Health Research III: Jane-Finch Community Research Partnership

The Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research will be hosting the Jane-Finch Community Research Partnership as part of our two-year Decolonizing Global Health Research Seminar Series. This is an Institute-wide commitment to decolonizing global health and addressing racial inequality in and through the research conducted. This seminar will feature the team from the Jane-Finch Community Research Partnership, who […]

Writing Resources and Research Support at the Dahdaleh Institute

Join us to learn about the writing resources available at the Dahdaleh Institute.  The new Writing Resource Program is a component of the larger Research Support Program, also currently under development, which includes grant application and budgeting support, editing services, internal peer review, and support with grant and project finances, hiring, reporting, knowledge mobilization, communications, […]

Decolonizing Planetary Health Through the Lens of Indigenous Youth

This film festival presents seven new planetary health films created by Indigenous youth. The films are being presented as part of a SSHRC-funded partnership between the Bagida’waad Alliance and York University’s Dahdaleh Institute of Global Health Research and Young Lives Research Lab (Faculty of Education). These films showcase the stories and experiences of Indigenous youth […]

AMR Futures: An Innovative Foresight Approach for Global Health? With Prof. Kevin Bardosh

Join us for a special seminar with Prof. Kevin Bardosh from the Center for One Health Research, School of Public Health, University of Washington. This presentation will discuss the development of an innovative approach to global health foresighting called "AMR Futures". This approach integrates foresight and futures methods with traditional policy and systems analysis. The approach […]

Playing for Real, with Paul Hogan

Join us for a seminar with artist and Dahdaleh Institute fellow Paul Hogan. Paul is an artist from Canada who has worked for forty years with image, story, myth, and theatre in creative collaboration with marginalized youth at home and abroad. Starting out with apparitional street theatre in Toronto, he helped to develop gardens of […]

Graduate Student Symposium

The Dahdaleh Institute is showcasing the current work of PhD and master's students associated with the Institute at this year’s Graduate Student Symposium. The event will capture the research journey of each student and present the progress they have made so far. For this year's symposium, we will be featuring three graduate students presenting on the […]

Whose Global? Challenges and Choices for Public Health, with Dr. Rene Loewenson

This seminar presentation—part of the Dahdaleh Institute's Decolonizing Global Health Research Seminar Series—will explore the different, convergent, and contesting paradigms shaping ideas and action in public health, drawing from different geopolitical regions, and the implications for health systems. It will critically review how these different paradigms have been expressed and how dominance has been asserted […]