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In-Page Analytics

It is possible to see page-based data based on a live page from your site with the In-Page Analytics report. The report will show an image of a page that you navigate to, with click data listed next to each link on the page.

By Google's account, In-Page Analytics does not work consistently across all browsers. Use of the Chrome browser extension is most recommended, but still produces mixed results

Some caveats:

  • The data listed is based on the destination url. If the same url is used more than once on a page, the data will be the same for each time the url is used rather than being based on the specific link on the page.
  • If the destination url is not also tracked by the York University account, data will not be collected for it.
  • As websites on the domain use a variety of domain configurations, In-Page Analytics may not work for your area of the site.
  • And finally: experience has shown that In-Page Analytics tends to be buggy with not all data always appearing.