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Analytics Events

By default, Google Analytics watches for pageviews - each page being loaded for site users. We want to also measure what people do within a page. To do this, we use a feature called Events in Google Analytics.

Events have three parts: a category, which tells us the general feature that the event is connected with, an action, which tells us what the user did with that feature, and a label, which gives us further details to make sure we know exactly what happened. Category is the most general part of the event, and label is the most specific. Labels are optional, so sometimes that part will be blank.

Locating Events in Google Analytics Reports

The events section

In the left-hand navigation of Google Analytics, the "Behaviour" section has a sub-section called "Events". The Top Events report will get you directly into a list of the categories of events happening on your site. Click each one to see the actions and/or labels that are part of that category.

Try adding a secondary dimension of "Page" to see where these events happened on your site. You can also use the Pages report in the Events folder to understand events happening on each page of your site.

Explore page and events flow

Flow reports show what steps are most common on your site from a starting point you select. In the "Behaviour" section of the left-hand navigation, the Behaviour Flow report is near the top of the list. Using the controls at the top of the report, you can choose to display pages and events, or just events, that followed that event. It’s tough to turn into KPIs, but fun to explore.

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