CHWP X.N Don Sinclair, "Database, place and the new media art interface"

10 Second OTES

10 Second OTES is a series of nine short image sequences that explore a number of locations in Toronto. After creating Variations/Variantes, I became interested in the way images could be organized around specific locations. Each of the sequences in this work explores the rhythm of movement through space. In one way, rhythms are created through the frame rate of image playback. The relationship between distance travelled between images and the number of images presented over time evokes various levels of intensity relating to the experience of cycling. The visual rhythm of images themselves adds a layer of interest expressing conditions including sloppy wet snow, bright days, and dark nights. I particularly enjoyed how each different sequence had a unique way of combining day and night images. The name of each sequence is based on its' GPS location. My work on 10 Second OTES encouraged me to create work elaborating on these ideas.

one record image
zone1: temperture:
zone2: condition:
easting: pressure:
northing: visibility:
humidity: dewpoint:
wind direction: wind speed:
wind gust:
speed: gpspointdiff:
direction: avgdirection: