CHWP X.N Don Sinclair, "Database, place and the new media art interface"


With the advent of miniaturization and mass data storage, it becomes possible to collect relatively large amounts of data based on aspects of everyday life. With data sets placed in flexible, organized database contexts, it becomes possible to explore data in unique and interesting ways. In this paper I will discuss my new media art works based on a data set I have created called oh, those everyday spaces (OTES). The OTES data set contains material collected while cycling in and around Toronto, Canada. During the 15 month collection period one image was captured each minute, GPS (Global Positioning System) position about three times each minute, and local weather conditions were downloaded from Environment Canada's web site each hour. OTES contains about 25,000 images. The data set becomes the basis for my explorations of place through creative works based on the data. To illuminate the variety of approaches I am using to explore place, I will discuss works based on OTES.