New York Dialect: David Alan Stern

A. Resonance: Forward Focus

Working the Jaw

Famous Stern Gum Chewing

Resonance changes timber

B. Vowel 1

Vowels 2.

Vowels 3

Vowels 4

Vowel 4 cont

Vowel 4 cont

Vowel 4 continued

Intonation & Pitch

Phoneme changes related to pitch \\_\\ (more like [])

\\_\\ in diphthongs

\\_\\ in diphthongs

\O, A\ _ \O7., A\

Linking R - R sandhi

Medial R - []

Isolated Phoneme Changes

Dropping G in ing endings

Dialect Intensification

Coached drill

From Iolanthie

Brooklynese and Bronx


I am the very model of a Modern Major General.

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