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The PL Course Cycle

Log into your account to register for a course and pay course fees online.

  • Online payment is by Visa or MasterCard.
    • A payment receipt is emailed to you.
    • We will email you if we need more information or supporting documents to enroll you.
    • Our office is unable to pre-assess your transcripts prior to course registration.
    • If you require a Math or French Language Proficiency Test, we will contact you to arrange it. 
    • Use the Notify Me feature if the course you’re looking for isn’t currently available.
  • We will assess your eligibility for admission and notify you with the decision. 
    • We will email you a Confirmation of Registration for
      • Full Admission 
      • Conditional Admission: You may be admitted on condition of fulfilling some outstanding prerequisite requirements.
    • Your Confirmation Letter includes the course start/end dates; location; your course login information. 
    • Assessment of your eligibility may take up to two weeks in special cases.  
    • If you don’t meet the admission requirements, we will notify you to withdraw. Your course fees will be refunded subject to non-refundable fee amounts. 
  • The standard registration deadline is one week prior to the course start date. Exceptions may apply.
  • Course cancellations are made following the registration deadline date
  • If your course is impacted, our office will email you of the cancellation and your options.
  • You will receive a full refund for a cancelled course, including the non-refundable amounts.
  • You will receive a Welcome email just prior to the course start.    
  • Access to Moodle is activated on the first day of class.
  • Completion Letter: If you have successfully completed all course requirements, we will email you this letter once we report your recommendation to the OCT. 
  • AQ Transcript:  You may order an AQ transcript showing your most recent course to be sent to QECO or another institution
  • Unsuccessful Completion Letter: If you are not being recommended, we will email you this notice. We do not report unsuccessful course completions to the OCT.
  • We report successful course completions to the OCT after receiving results from your instructor. This takes place 1 – 4 weeks after your course ends.
  • The OCT updates your certificate of qualification within two to four weeks of receiving the University’s report.