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Understanding Source Codes

All entries recorded on the Transaction Detail report available on eReports are assigned source codes (Src). The purpose of these codes is to assist the reconciliator identify the type of entry and the unit responsible for inputting the data. Below is a list of the commonly used codes, the code description and the contact department responsible for the entry.

SOURCE CODE (Src)DESCRIPTIONWho to contact for help
ADVUsed by the Division of Advancement for their upload journalsAdvancement Services
ALOUsed by the Finance Department for allocation journals (e.g. HST allocations)Financial Reporting
APUsed by Finance Department for all accounts payable transactions (e.g. invoice payment, expense reimbursement)Accounts Payable
ARUUsed by General Accounting for accounts receivable invoices (e.g. ACCPAC uploads)General Accounting
BKSUsed by the Bookstore for all bookstore sales transactionsUniversity Bookstore
Used by the Office of Budgets and Planning for budget journals (* = the numerical value represents which employee in Budgets & Planning processed the entry)Budgets & Asset Management
Used by the Financial Reporting for general journal entries (* = the numerical value represents which employee in Financial Reporting processed the entry)Financial Reporting
Used by Human Resources for correcting payroll entries (* = the numerical value represents which employee in Payroll processed the entry)Payroll Department
PRTUsed by Printing Services for printing transactionsPrinting Services
PURUsed by Procurement Operations for PCard entries and purchasing journals, including correcting entriesProcurement Operations
Used by Research Accounting for budget journals (* = the numerical value represents which employee in Research Accounting processed the entry)Research Accounting
RULUsed by Research Accounting journal uploadsResearch Accounting
STRUsed for uploads from the Student Information System (SIS)Student Accounts, SFS
TELUsed by Telecommunications for telecommunications chargesTelecommunications, UIT
TRAUsed by General Accounting for accounts receivable entriesGeneral Accounting
TRBUsed by General Accounting for bank transactionsGeneral Accounting
TRCUsed by General Accounting for credit card upload journalsGeneral Accounting
TRDUsed by Treasury to record draftsTreasury
TRFUsed by General Accounting for drafts and wire payments in foreign currenciesGeneral Accounting
TRJUsed by General Accounting for hardcopy paper G/L journals sent in by the community for processingGeneral Accounting
TRRUsed by General Accounting to record Canadian cash depositsGeneral Accounting
TRUUsed by General Accounting to record U.S.$ cash depositsGeneral Accounting
TRWUsed by General Accounting to record wire payments receivedGeneral Accounting
TUSUsed by General Accounting for U.S. transfersGeneral Accounting
ULCUsed by the community for electronic journals submitted for uploadFinancial Reporting
ULTUsed by Treasury for upload journalsTreasury
YTAUsed by YUTA for their payroll chargesYUTA Office