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Delegated Signing Authority

The Principal Investigator (PI) has overall financial oversight of the grant/contract. For operational efficiency the PI may choose to delegate signing authority to other full-time University staff to approve expenditures against a grant or contract, with the exception of travel claims that require one over one approval. In addition, all travel claims regardless of who travels require sign off by the dean or chair.

To assign a delegate to a cost centre the PI is required to:

  1. Have the individual read and complete an Accountability Document (PDF)
  2. Sign and remit the AD to Research Accounting who then adds the delegate to the research cost centre

The delegate does not have fiduciary responsibility of the funds, this remains with the PI. In addition, delegates are not permitted to sub-delegate any authority.

It is the responsibility of the PI to advise Research Accounting of any delegation which is to be cancelled/added. Notification of new delegates must be accompanied with a new signed Accountability Document.