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Transferring Funds to Another Institution

A Principal Investigator (PI) may choose to send an inter-institutional transfer of sub-grant to a co-investigator or co-applicant at another eligible institution. To do this the following information needs to be supplied to the Office of Research Services (ORS) so that the transfer letter can be completed.

  • name of the recipients
  • amount of the transfer
  • duration of funding
  • budget breakdown

The transfer letter is signed by the PI and the Director, Research Services at York, the recipient, and the equivalent official at the recipient institution. For additional details, please contact the Office of Research Services or send an email to

Receiving Funds from another Institution

Similarly to above, you may be a recipient of an inter-institutional transfer or sub-grant for a Primary Investigator at another institution. These funds will be subject to the same guidelines and restrictions as a grant directly received from the funding agency, though funds cannot be sub-granted to another third party.