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Meal Plans Terms and Conditions

We want you to enjoy your Meal Plan, but there are some terms and conditions that apply. Please read the following carefully.

Meal Plans are for personal use only and are not transferable. The Meal Plan may only be used to purchase meals at participating locations, which are listed on our website.  The Meal Plan account cannot be used to purchase food for other people, or items such as taxable snacks, groceries, consumer goods (books, paper, etc.) or gift certificates. You can add money to your Flex account for such items. Use of the YU-card is subject to the YU-card Holder’s Agreement, which is posted on the YU-card website. In addition, please note the following:


Food outlets on the Keele and Glendon campuses will be closed during the University's winter closure.  Meal Plans will not be usable during the closure.  Meal Plan holders are responsible for making alternate arrangements for meals during this time if remaining in residence.


Your Meal Plan account balance does not expire. Meal Plan dollars will be available as of September 5, 2020 and any unspent Meal Plan dollars will be transferred to the Taxable account at the end of the Meal Plan term on April 29, 2021. Any unspent Meal Plan dollars may be used in subsequent years to purchase food on a taxable basis if you remain enrolled at York U. A $50 Administrative Fee will apply for any transferred funds. If you cease to maintain enrollment in the subsequent Fall/Winter session, any remaining account balance will expire. Meal Plans are non-refundable and non-transferable.


To be eligible for exemption from sales taxes when making purchases from your Meal Plan:

  • You must have a valid Meal Plan tax exemption sticker affixed to your YU-card to obtain the exemption on your meal purchases.  The sticker may be obtained from the YU-card Office.  Purchases made without a valid sticker will be subject to applicable taxes and cannot be refunded.
  • The tax exemption applies to the purchase of prepared meals, and non-alcoholic beverages sold with meals. Meal Plan funds must be used to purchase prepared meals on a tax exempt basis.
  • Taxable beverages and snacks (e.g. soft drinks, bubble tea, granola bars, frozen yogurt, pastries, confectioneries) that are not purchased with a prepared meal are taxable and must be purchased with your Taxable or Flex dollars. To maximize your savings, purchase beverages and desserts as part of a meal whenever possible.


Meal Plans are non-refundable. A Meal Plan may be cancelled only if you elect to move out of residence prior to November 15, 2020 if your residence contract is for the Fall term only, or March 21, 2021 if your residence contract is for the Winter term only or the full Fall/Winter session.  Your refund will be calculated on a prorated basis for the time you were assigned a residence room or the last date you use the Meal Plan, whichever is later.  A $50.00 cancellation fee applies.


If you live in residence, payment is due at the same time as your residence fees. Please refer to your Residence Agreement for further information.  If you do not live in residence, payment is due at the time of purchase.