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Program Courses

The curriculum in Drama and Creative Arts offers a balanced approach to the study of the arts (focusing on either theatre or visual art) that blends history, theory, and practice. You’ll learn critical thinking in the arts, effective research and communication skills, as well as project management techniques and strategies to work collaboratively.

The Drama and Creative Arts Program offers courses in French, in English, in Spanish, as well as bilingual courses. In all courses, written assignments and examinations may be submitted in either official language.

1000-level courses in Drama and Creative Arts

1000-level courses are open to majors and non-majors, and prepare you to pursue further studies in the program.

  • GL/DRCA 1001 3.00 Live Theatre: An Introduction and GL/DRCA 1002 3.00 Visual Art: An Introduction, provide an overview of history, theory, and methods of performance/visual analysis. Both courses are a degree requirement for all students.
  • Optional practical 1000-level courses include:
    • GL/DRCA 3.00 1210 Performance I
    • GL/DRCA 1215 3.00 Performance II/Art de la scène II
    • GL/DRCA 1200 6.00 Smoke and Mirrors
    • GL/DRCA 1625 6.00 Lignes et formes
  • The program recommends that you take all 1000-level courses during your first and second years of study.

Three students reading.
Student artwork.

2000, 3000, and 4000-level courses

Drama and Creative Arts courses follow a sequence that is organized to guide you through increasing levels of complexity and specialization.

  • All students in the Drama stream will take EN/DRCA 2632 6.00 Drama and Theatre: Ancient to Modern, ideally in your second year.
  • All students in the Visual Arts stream will take DRCA 2665 6.00 Beauty and Power: Creations and Contexts in Visual Art, ideally in your second year.

It is strongly recommended that you take courses in the specified numerical sequence, recognizing that 2000-level courses precede 3000-level courses.

Performance Events in Drama Classes

Many university courses in drama include student participation in live public performances as part of the regular coursework. Unlike other university assignments, this kind of work and the extensive rehearsal necessary to accomplish it are impossible to make up, submit late, or defer.

This means that attending all rehearsals and performances is a course requirement. It also means that attendance to all class meetings, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, crew calls, and performances is a non-negotiable and non-transferable part of the coursework and a key component of your academic evaluation.

Because these courses are so time-consuming, you are advised to take only one production course per year. More specifically, you should NOT take more than one of the following courses in any given year:

  • GL/DRCA 2517 6.00 Staging Plays: From Script to Production
  • GL/DRCA 2621 6.00 Faire du Théâtre en français
  • GL/DRCA 3640 6.00 Art dramatique : texte et production
  • GL/DRCA 3955 6.00 Approaches to Theatre

Your instructors understand the intense nature of these courses and are here to help you, should you require time management support.

Cross-listed Courses

Many Drama and Creative Arts courses are “cross-listed” either as courses in the program of another department (e.g. Communications, French, English or Hispanic Studies) or as courses in the multidisciplinary program in General Education. You may take such a course either as a course in Drama and Creative Arts or as a course in the other subject.

Students create a shadow using cut-outs.

Independent Study Courses

If you are interested in developing a course as an independent study, you may do so in your final, graduating year upon approval by the Program Coordinator.

The rubrics for these courses are as follow: DRCA 3100 3.00/6.00 (EN/FR) and DRCA 4100 3.00/6.00 (EN/FR).

If you are interested in developing such courses, you must find a course director and submit a course proposal that includes, but is not limited to, a detailed plan of study, a preliminary bibliography, and a breakdown of assignments.

Your plan of study must be developed in collaboration with the course director.

The Drama and Creative Arts Program Offers the Following Degree Types:

  • Specialized Honours BA/iBA
  • Honours BA/iBA
  • Honours Double Major BA/iBA
  • Honours Major/Minor BA/iBA
  • Honours Minor BA
  • Bachelor of Arts
A group of students sketch in the woods.

Drama & Creative Arts Courses

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