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Meet Glendon Students

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A unique opportunity to chat with our students and learn from their experiences.

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There’s nothing quite like a real conversation. We have students of all programs and various interests who would love to chat with you.

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We’re social

Check out our Glendon e-Ambassadors on social to get an idea of what life is like on campus.


Hey y’all it’s Nathalie aka your campus bestie! Here’s a little get to know me! Comment below if you have any questions!! @Nathalie 🙂

♬ son original - eAmbassadorsGL

Nothing like a very personal camera roll dumb 🥼✨🤩 #glendon #student #life

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Enjoy the company of a diverse, close-knit community of students from dozens of countries around the world. Get involved – join a club, become a mentor, see a play at the Glendon Theatre, or meet other fitness enthusiasts at the athletic centre.

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Thanks to our self-contained campus, all the student services you need to succeed are right at your doorstep.

We’re proud to offer you equitable access to education, no matter what your needs are. Our team is here to help. 

Learn more about accessibility and mental health supports.

Read about Black Excellence at York University.

Mentors for all

If you’re looking for someone to guide you when you start university, our peer mentors are here to help you transition from high school to university.

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