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Your generosity will inspire a new generation of changemakers. Whether it’s a one-time or monthly gift, your donation to Glendon helps students in need afford post-secondary education, benefits the Frost Library and gives instructors opportunities to boost learning through experiential education. Honour the memory of someone special or direct your funds toward a specific need — every gift makes an impact.

Make a significant difference in the lives of current Glendon students! Whether you decide to support Glendon’s highest priorities, the Frost Library, or you want to contribute to student financial aid or provide unique hands-on experiences to students, your monthly or one-time gift will have a significant impact.

Support our priorities

Financial Aid

Financial aid can literally be a lifeline to students, helping them to meet their immediate needs for food, rent, transportation, books and tuition while they work towards becoming a university graduate.

With over 80% of gifts directed towards student support each year, donors help us support more than 350 students each year. While the type of aid varies – entrance awards, financial aid, academic awards and prizes for leadership and service – the impact for the student is the same.

“I wish that you could meet every student that needs help, the way I do. It’s incredibly inspiring and fulfilling to match students in need to the funding that is provided by our donors. Simply, donors enable us to help more students.”

Andreanne Dibo-Amany, Manager, Student Financial Services

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Experiential Education

The value of a liberal arts education is amplified when students are given the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. At Glendon, we strive to make experiential education available to all students, regardless of their program of study. Whether through guest lectures, internships, work placement courses, community projects or international exchanges, hands-on experiences provide opportunities for our students to develop practical skills they will use as changemakers.

Julie Marguet, Experiential Education Coordinator, explains how your gifts help us to reduce the financial and logistical barriers students may face in accessing EE.

Examples of EE

Daniel, a 3rd year student in Business Economics, developed his project management and bilingual communication skills while working at the Cooperation Council of Ontario, a bilingual not-for-profit which supports cooperatives, community innovation and sustainability.

Tabatha, a 4th year student in Translation, speaks English, French and Spanish. She honed her talent for languages through an internship with the Translation Bureau, building the foundation she’ll need to work as a full-time translator after graduation.

Leave a lasting legacy

Support the future… for generations to come. With a legacy gift, you make a significant contribution to Glendon and its students, while maintaining financial security for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you choose to plan to make your gift through a will or bequest, life insurance, annuities, a trust or stocks and securities, our team will work with you to establish a meaningful legacy that works for you.

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Donor report

See the impact of your gifts and how many students benefit from your support every year.

On our small campus, every gift makes a difference. Our annual Donor Report celebrates the impact of your generosity in our community, including personal thank you messages from our students and staff.

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