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Academic Resources

For general information about university operations within a COVID-19 context, please visit York University's COVID-19 website.


Senate Executive has agreed to waive, until further notice, the requirement for students to submit an "Attending Physician’s Statement" in support of a request for deferred standing or petition. CUPE-based requests for full-time extensions on the basis of OHRC protected grounds will still require appropriate documentation. Student Accessibility Services requires medical and other documentation necessary for determining the relevant accommodations that will be most helpful and petitions for full-time extensions are adjudicated in light of SAS determinations. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will be exercising leniency and flexibility in their consideration of petitions, including petition matters not directly related to COVID-19. If you are having trouble collecting digital signatures then an accompanying email attachment stating "I have read and approved this submission" will be accepted.


Students are offered the ability to take an "elective" leave of absence that is COVID-related. If a student has already been granted an elective LOA, they can apply for additional LOAs for COVID-related reasons. Additionally, students who need to take a COVID-related elective LOA now can still take another one down the line.

Community members are encouraged to visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Honesty webpage for information related to academic honesty proceedings.

Please register here: Registration and Enrolment Module. 

Contact the Graduate Registration & Enrolment Coordinators with enrolment questions by visiting our FGS Staff Directory to request an online application.

For information on Important Dates and Deadlines, please see our Important Dates webpage.

The Library has returned to normal operations.

The Bookstore has returned to normal operations.