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Financial Resources

To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions for currently enrolled domestic and international students who are temporarily outside of Canada, please visit the Funding FAQ for International Graduate Students page.

The FGS Emergency Bursary is a bursary for York University graduate students to provide emergency assistance for rent, food and utilities.

Eligibility: Applicants must be current registered graduate students with York University. **Please note that Emergency Bursaries for new graduate students will be reviewed after Funding Packages are posted**

Applying: Contact FGS to request an online application:

Schulich Graduate Students can contact SSB directly for an Emergency Bursary via email at:

OPD Students can apply directly for an Emergency Bursary on the Osgoode website.

Receiving the bursary: The funds are posted to the student account and refunded to the linked student bank account. Please ensure you have EFT set up to make the transfer faster. Visit the Requesting a Refund site to set up EFT between a student account and a bank account.

Is a Student Financial Profile required? A completed Student Financial Profile is not required.

All internal and external scholarship and award competitions are proceeding. Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies Funding page for more detailed information about scholarships and awards.

The following resources are available to eligible recipients:



Internal award competitions are proceeding as planned: York Internal Awards