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Immigration and International Travel

For a comprehensive list of FAQs about immigration, health, travel, and financial support for international graduate students, please consult YU International.

To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions for currently enrolled domestic and international students who are temporarily outside of Canada, please visit the Funding FAQ for International Graduate Students page.

Visit York International for information on:

  • Border Status (Canada)
  • Travel requirements
  • Quarantine
  • Visa applications
  • Other supports

The Coronavirus Information and Update website contains up-to-date details for York community members travelling abroad:

Assistance for Travellers

The Government of Canada has created the COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program to support Canadians affected by COVID-19 abroad.

Any member of the York Community who is impacted by the travel restrictions should please contact immediately for further guidance.

Graduate Student Risk Assessment

The Graduate Student Risk Assessment Guidelines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) serve to assist graduate students in identifying appropriate health and safety considerations and preventative efforts prior to departing for field activities. In concert with the Graduate Student Risk Assessment Form, Undertaking, Release and Checklist, graduate students should review these guidelines with their faculty supervisor. Assessing risk is a critical step in determining necessary hazard controls and other mitigation required for specific research activities.

Please visit Graduate Student Risk Assessment for more information including applicable forms.

Research Abroad

Please be advised that COVID-19 related restrictions continue to impact international travel and operations for our partner institutes.

Graduate students can access Safety Abroad supports from York International to manage risks associated with international travel and for emergency support, when needed. Please contact for further assistance.

Cancelled Research and/or Fieldwork Travel That Will Affect Regular Timelines of Degree Completion

If research and fieldwork is affected by travel restrictions, students will have to wait until all restrictions are lifted to reschedule. FGS will work with the Program and the Registrar’s Office to resume the program term lengths without penalty to the student.

If conducting in-person fieldwork is essential to the learning outcomes for degree completion and it cannot be completed because of official travel restrictions, FGS will help to facilitate as seamless a transition as possible once all restrictions are lifted. Please contact your Graduate Program Assistant.

Alternative Program Options

Alternative program options can include:

  • Online courses at York partner universities: This could range from 2–3 online courses up to a full online semester depending on program requirements.
  • Virtual Exchanges (VE) connects two or more classrooms across the globe to enhance intercultural dialogue and collaboration over a period of time (i.e. not a one-time class). York University has embarked on the Globally Networked Learning (GNL) project in 2015 to integrate virtual exchanges into the existing course curriculum, across program areas and disciplines.
  • Effective Intercultural Communications (EIC) Module is an online opportunity for students looking to develop and enhance their intercultural understanding and communication skills.

To access these opportunities, please connect with your Faculty or Program coordinators, as well as York International.