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Immigration and International Travel

For a comprehensive list of FAQs about immigration, health, travel, and financial support for international graduate students, please consult YU International.

To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions for currently enrolled domestic and international students who are temporarily outside of Canada, please visit the Funding FAQ for International Graduate Students page.

If you are able to arrive in Canada with the required documentation, then the terms of your offer letter funding remain as is. Both YU International and your Graduate Program can assist you with getting settled and opening a bank account in Toronto to receive any degree-related employment and/or research assistant funding.

For a comprehensive list of FAQs about immigration quarantine, health, travel, and financial support for international graduate students, please consult YU International.

Quarantine measures may be in place. Please visit York International for FAQs and York-funded quarantine procedures.

Canadian Border

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that international students would be exempt from travel restrictions and will be able to travel to Canada for their studies beginning October 20, 2020, if they meet all requirements and have all authorizations for travel.

York University is very pleased to let you know that our plan has been approved by provincial authorities and that we may now begin to welcome new international students to the York community. Teams of students, staff and instructors have been working to ensure that we provide you with a supportive University experience so that you can succeed in these times of constant change.

Updates for current and upcoming terms related specifically to graduate students can be found on York University's COVID-19 website.

Travel Requirements and Authorizations

Before you make your travel plans, please ensure you are eligible to travel in your region/area and have read the information below.

  1. You must follow York's quarantine procedures.
  2. You must have a valid study permit or study permit approval to travel to Canada. If you do not have a full study permit approval, you may not yet travel.
    There is no longer a date requirement for your study permit/approval for travel. Please check IRCC for eligibility to travel and your local Visa Application Centre. Your ability to travel will also be dependent on your local/regional/national requirements.
  3. You must not have any symptoms of COVID-19 in order to travel to Canada.

What You Need To Do

Vaccination Information

International students are eligible to receive the vaccine. It will be up to the student to make the arrangements based on their location and availability. Please find more information about vaccinations on York International's UHIP page.

Quarantine Plan/Accommodations

Please visit York International's Quarantine Information page for details on quarantine.

Care & Support

During this time while much of our campus activities are delivered through remote/online formats, except for a limited number of in-person classes, we are very much here to support you and provide services through online, telephone, video and email channels. Keep in touch with your graduate program assistant. We encourage you to learn more about the support and services offered by Graduate Wellness Services.

If you have questions about submitting an application or accepting your offer from York University, please reach out to your graduate program assistant.

Connect with York International. The YI team is here to assist all new and continuing international students. We look forward to welcoming you and answering your questions.

We will continue to communicate with you regularly. Our goal remains to provide a high-quality learning experience for advancing your educational objectives.

Impacts to Employment for Those Not in Canada September 2021

If you are unable to arrive in Canada with the required documentation for either the Fall or Winter term, you will still be able to begin your degree studies remotely and online. If you are a funded student, your tuition will be covered by the York University funding package. The Fall or Winter portion of your funding offer may have to be adjusted, however. Under Canadian law, we are not able to provide any employment wages until you are able to be present in Canada with your TRV, study permit, resident social insurance number, address, and bank account. If we are no longer experiencing a pandemic, travel restrictions are lifted, and you are able to arrive in Canada for the Winter term, then you will be eligible to begin employment as a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, or Graduate Assistant as your Program has designated.

For more detailed information on the intersection of physical location and funding, please see the Funding FAQ for International Graduate Students page.

Visa Applications

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continues to process study permit applications, but at limited capacity. Prospective students also may be unable to provide all documents required to complete their study permit applications given service interruptions related to COVID-19 (e.g. immigration medical exams, biometrics collection, police certificates). These uncertainties may cause processing delays.

York International encourages students to file their applications online as early as possible, taking into account the processing delays. York International also offers advising via email ( and online appointments. If your VISA application has been denied, please contact York International.

Post-graduate work permit eligibility

Students should be in touch with York International about post-graduate work permits. You will find some information on the subject on the York International COVID-19 update page.

International students whose study/work permits are to expire

Students should be in touch with York International about expiring study/work permits. You will find some information on the subject on the York International COVID-19 update page.


International students should by now have received their UHIP cards via email. Be advised that sometimes these emails can end up in an email spam folder.  If you still haven't received your UHIP information, email

As some international borders remain closed and global travel restrictions continue due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, York University has made the decision to cancel all international travel related to international student activities for the Fall/Winter 2021–2022 session which includes: academic exchanges, internships, co-ops, and other programs.

The Coronavirus Information and Update website contain up-to-date details for York community members travelling abroad:

Assistance for Travellers

The Government of Canada has created the COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program to support Canadians affected by COVID-19 abroad.

Any member of the York Community who is impacted by the travel restrictions should please contact immediately for further guidance.

Research Abroad

All research-related international travel for graduate students and travel related to academic program completion will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as government travel advisories begin to lift.

Graduate students can work with their supervisor and the Dean’s Office who can work with the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee to develop a health and safety plan. Please contact for more information.

All university-sanctioned international travel related to international student activities for the current and foreseeable term, which includes: academic exchanges, internships, co-ops, academic placements, and research abroad has been cancelled.

Cancelled Research and/or Fieldwork Travel That Will Affect Regular Timelines of Degree Completion

If research and fieldwork is affected by travel restrictions, students will have to wait until all restrictions are lifted to reschedule. FGS will work with the Program and the Registrar’s Office to resume the program term lengths without penalty to the student.

If conducting in-person fieldwork is essential to the learning outcomes for degree completion and it cannot be completed because of official travel restrictions, FGS will help to facilitate as seamless a transition as possible once all restrictions are lifted. Please contact your Graduate Program Assistant.

Alternative Program Options

Alternative program options can include:

  • Online courses at York partner universities: This could range from 2–3 online courses up to a full online semester depending on program requirements.
  • Virtual Exchanges (VE) connects two or more classrooms across the globe to enhance intercultural dialogue and collaboration over a period of time (i.e. not a one-time class). York University has embarked on the Globally Networked Learning (GNL) project in 2015 to integrate virtual exchanges into the existing course curriculum, across program areas and disciplines.
  • Effective Intercultural Communications (EIC) Module is an online opportunity for students looking to develop and enhance their intercultural understanding and communication skills.

To access these opportunities, please connect with your Faculty or Program coordinators, as well as York International.