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Postdoctoral Researchers

Please Note: For the most up-to-date information to the York community, visit YU—Better Together.

General Research Questions

For more information visit YU Better Together—FAQs.

Should you require support with course materials online, your home faculty will have information available. Further resources are also available through the Teaching Commons’ Bold—Going Remote website.

Yes, if applicable, you should discuss with your supervisor how to move data onto OneDrive for secure access during a disruption:

For more information about security see Privacy & Security.

For general information, visit the Information Security Website at York or contact

For help with research data management needs, visit Library RDM page or contact the Library RDM team at:

General information on working off campus can be found at: Off-Campus Computing. To report a technical or access problem with an electronic product, please visit UIT's Getting Help page.

Employment and Fellowship Questions

For PDVs: The Finance Department continues to operate, including the monthly payroll cycle for all current contracts.

For PDFs: CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC continue to monitor the evolution and impact of COVID-19 and necessary action to support award recipients as well applicants, peer reviewers and employees. Please visit the appropriate Tri-Agency website for more information.

For PDVs, all benefits including sick time remain unaffected.

PDVs who are unable to attend work as a result of illness or injury will be provided up to ten (10) days of medical leave without loss of pay per contract year.

PDVs, upon request, will be granted leave of up to one (1) week without loss of pay to attend to an ill family member once per contract year. Additional Family Medical Leave without pay may be provided in the same contract year.

The University is committed to being as flexible as possible in responding to these needs. Please contact your supervisor to discuss the options that may be available to you.

PDVs have 15 business days of paid vacation per year. Vacation requests are to be made to the supervisor.

Immigration Related Questions

ArriveCAN Information for Travellers to Canada:

Use of ArriveCAN to provide necessary travel and public health information before and after your entry into Canada can provide a faster border experience:‐health/services/diseases/coronavirusdisease‐covid‐19/arrivecan. Further information is available in the COVID‐19 section of York’s Immigration & Relocation Services website.

If travel restrictions are in effect, be prepared to expect service disruptions and delays at many Canadian visa posts abroad. Applicants can check to see if the visa office responsible for their country or region remains open before submitting an application:

To be able to commence work as a Postdoctoral Visitor (PDV) and receive pay from York, the individual must arrive in Canada and be issued their work permit, which will enable them to be assigned a SIN. Further information on travel is available at:

Postdocs should discuss the situation with their PIs/supervisors.

Further information is available on the YU Better Together website.

The Quarantine Act requires that PDVs be paid while in quarantine.

You will need a new Labour Market Impact Assessment exemption to apply for an extension of an existing work permit. Your supervisor should contact their Dean’s Office for support with this process. As long as you apply before the expiry date of their current work permit, you can continue to stay in Canada on the implied status and continue to work for the same employer until a decision is made on their new application.

As situations evolve, you are strongly advised to stay informed on COVID-19 both in Canada and in your home country.  The following websites provide information on prevention measures, information for travellers and developments:

If you wish to go home but are unable to leave Canada due to COVID-19, apply online to extend and change your temporary resident status to visitor. IRCC has released a program delivery update in this regard:

York International’s FAQs about COVID-19 for International Students includes information that is also relevant to international postdocs.

If you have additional questions related to UHIP coverage and enrolment, please contact:

  • Pension & Benefits: for postdocs with York employee numbers
  • Sumanpreet Kaur, UHIP Administrator, York International: for postdocs without employee numbers

For other immigration related questions, please contact Vicki Yang, Immigration and Relocation Officer:

Research Funding Questions

If you hold your own grant funds, please contact the funding agency for updates in response to COVID-19. Should you have questions about how their guidelines might affect your position at York, please contact the Postdoctoral Services & Professional Skills Coordinator by visiting our FGS Staff Directory.


Information on the Submission of Research Applications and ORS Checklists can be found at: and

For support on grant and fellowship applications, please contact the Postdoctoral Services & Professional Skills Coordinator by visiting our FGS Staff Directory.

Research Ethics Questions

The Office of Research Ethics (ORE) continues to operate. More information is available on the ORE website:

Research Travel and Events Questions

Further guidance about in-person contact with community members as part of research activity can be found at YU Better Together—Community Communications.

Information for Postdoctoral Visitors (PDVs)

Postdoctoral visitors are also eligible for the Employee and Family Assistance Program, which provides a range of immediate and confidential support including counselling.