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Communications and Recruitment

Communications and Recruitment provides support and resources to graduate programs to help enhance overall communication practices and promote York as a foremost graduate destination:

  • Provide counsel and action on web development, media relations, marketing, social media and strategic communications
  • Attract top applicants to support graduate expansion and improve overall research capacity
  • Protect, promote and heighten a consistent and positive image for graduate education at York
  • Work closely with programs and campus departments to enhance graduate student experiences and internationalization efforts
  • Disseminate best practices in graduate student recruitment and communications
  • Provide digital support to various divisions in FGS, and to units hosted under York’s official web template

Please connect with us by e-mail to support your program’s outreach goals.

FGS is committed to providing programs with the necessary tools and support to ensure that your foremost recruitment and current student resource is appealing, functional and effective.

All programs are encouraged to adopt York's official web template in WordPress. FGS can assist in implementing this at every stage of the process, from planning and execution to maintenance and training.

Celebrating graduate student success is an important facet in raising the internal and external profile of graduate studies at York. FGS is committed to promoting the groundbreaking work conducted by our students on a daily basis through a variety of outlets and forms.

Please connect with us to share and promote a specific story or event taking place in your area.

FGSnews is a monthly e-newsletter that covers all things grad studies at York University.

Faculty/Staff Edition

Student Edition

Postdoctoral Edition

Program Submissions

Have an event or research story to share with the graduate community? Email with your item and it'll be included in the upcoming editions. Please ensure your submission is sent no later than the 23rd of every month, and if an event/call to action, that it takes place in the upcoming month.

FGS' social media accounts are a platform to connect with future and current students, as well as alumni and community partners, and to help tell our story. We encourage graduate programs to share with us any stories or events you are interested in promoting to the wider graduate community.

Please connect with us on the following social media accounts:





Graduate recruitment is a shared responsibility between the program, Faculty, FGS, Admissions, and Communications and Public Affairs. FGS is committed to supporting your efforts to recruit top quality students and enhance the reputation of your program at both the national and international level. We strive to enhance your knowledge and resources to implement effective recruitment campaigns and best practices.

Please connect with us to support your current and future recruitment needs.

To access our large collection of graduate and postdoctoral imagery, please visit, a secure web space hosting content provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

These photographs may be useful to you in any future communications work: research publications, program websites, social media, conference or event promotion, etc., to provide individuals a visual glimpse of your graduate community.

Do you have a story or event to share with the wider graduate community? Visit Share with FGS to share your news or event.