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Graduate Admissions for Staff & Faculty

Your guide to everything graduate admissions—click on a link below to access the guide or standard operating procedure you need to process offers. All links require passport York login.

  1. Link to the Graduate Adjudication System (where offers are built)
  2. Graduate Admissions Guide (.pdf)
  3. Using Graduate Adjudication—Guide (.pdf)
  4. York Graduate Fellowship—SOP (.pdf)
  5. Non-Standard Admit (NSA) Categories (.pdf)
  6. Processing Graduate Deferrals (.pdf)
  7. Sample Program Welcome Letter from Program (.docx)
  8. Find your Graduate Funding Advisor (.pdf)
  9. Who to contact for what to support Graduate Admissions (.pdf)
  10. Internal Promotions Guide (.pdf)
  11. FGS – SOP – On Campus Defences – Fall 2021 (.pdf)

Looking for a document or guide that isn't here? Be sure to visit additional Admissions Resources by clicking the appropriate link below.