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FAQs - Postdoctoral Visitors


Details can be accessed on the Faculty Relations website.

No, the provisions do not apply here.

A budgeting tool has been developed to assist researchers in budgeting for a Postdoctoral Visitor and learning about Leaves. The tool can be found at: Salary, Benefit and Attendance Information—PDVs (.pdf)

No. None of the provisions of the collective agreement apply to Postdoctoral fellows as they are not members of YUFA.

Please note that postdocs funded by external sources (i.e. a SSHRC, NSERC, or Banting PDF who is funded by the agency directly, rather than through the supervisor) are categorized as PDFs. Those postdocs whose supervisors hold external grant funds and pay their postdocs are PDVs.

Healthcare Spending Account

No, this is not an option.

The healthcare spending account must be made available to all PDVs.

The process for accessing health benefits is explained in this document: PDV Health Care Spending Account Information Sheet (.pdf) 

Additional information on the healthcare spending account is available in the Post Doc Visitors Health Spending Account benefits booklet (.pdf)

Intellectual Property

The YUFA Collective Agreement states that the “letter of appointment shall also include or be accompanied by an Intellectual Property Agreement and a provision for confirmation that the PDV has had the opportunity to seek advice on intellectual property rights prior to signing the Intellectual Property Agreement.”

PDV Salary

$31,500 + 10% statutory employer contributions + $1,200 healthcare spending account benefits.

Supervisors should budget a minimum of $35,850.

No. Salaries can be no less than the minimum in the YUFA collective agreement and should be competitive within and appropriate to the discipline.

Yes, salary can be pro-rated for part-time contracts. Part-time contracts must be consistent with the Senate Policy on Postdoctoral Researchers at York University.

Yes, salary can be pro-rated for short-term contracts of no less than 3 months, consistent with the Senate Policy on Postdoctoral Researchers at York University.

Vacation and Leaves

15 days per year, prorated for the length of the contract.

Yes. 15 days per year should be pro-rated based on hours worked. Part-time appointments must be consistent with the Senate Policy on Postdoctoral Researchers at York University.

Vacation credits are intended to be used in the contract year granted and unused vacation credits will not be carried forward from one contract year to the next.

Vacation pay should be included as part of the annualized salary.

No, this is not an option.

Yes, these are available at any time in a contract.

Yes. These leaves are offered to all PDVs.

The supervisor must cover the costs of leaves through research and/or other funding.

The maximum appointment period for a PDV may be extended by up to the length of the leaves only with the prior written approval of the resource Dean and the mutual agreement in writing of the PDV and their supervisor.