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Wellness Challenge

Your Mental Health and Well-Being Matters!

Graduate school is a time of excitement, personal growth, and challenge. Graduate studies can also be arduous and create new stress or pressure in your life. Finding a balance between your personal and academic life can help you maintain your wellness throughout your studies and recognizing the things that help you to feel well is also important. Wellness Challenge participants were entered into a draw for a $25 YU Card credit or a Wellness Prize Package. The purpose of this challenge is to get explicit and specific about what supports your wellness in the hopes it will remind you to do more of what is working and to seek new strategies and supports whenever you need them.

The Wellness Challenge is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! We encourage you to continually consider and attend to your personal well-being and reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed. For personalized wellness support, consider accessing the Wellness Consultation Service.

See what our graduate students have shared for the Wellness Challenge in past years.

Clean the space that I am working in. Having a clean space allows me to think more clearly.

Cooking to de-stress. It is a good way to ease my mind while concentrating on preparing myself a good meal.

When things get too tough, I remind myself to take some deep breaths. When I breathe I remember that I am only human and that everything is going to be okay.

I try to have designated times where I don't think about school, in order to do this I make sure I keep busy with family or friends.

I make sure to spend time outdoors every day, as fresh air is rejuvenating.

Before sleep, I write about how my day went and what I could have done differently. When I wake up, I write about what can make this new day great.