Dr. Harris being rotated in the new Tumbling Room Facility (made possible by funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, CFI). The equipment allows us to look at the role of gravity and motion in perception.

Prof. Rob Allison trying out the CF-sponsorred Rotating Sphere. The random pattern of dots over the inner surface allows us to distinguish the role of meaningful visual cues (such as wallpaper and room features found in the tumbling room) from simple motion cues to motion and orientation.

egg 2 egg 3
This is the Edgeless Graphics Geometry (EGG) large-field display. Using this we are able to assess the role of the whole visual field to the perception of motion and orientation, using high-resolution stereo graphics. More advertising.

This is another view of the EGG showing how it can be used for a standing participant and still fill their entire visual field.

HarrisLab student, Yasmeenah El-zein, stands in front of the Tumbling Room. She will be using this device to look at the effect of background motion on the visibility of stationary objects