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Strategic Planning Update - November 2023

NOVEMBER 6, 2023

Dear Faculty of Health community,

We are delighted to provide an update on our Faculty’s strategic planning process. Over the past weeks, the Strategic Planning Drafting Team have undertaken further community consultations as part of the fourth phase of our multi-staged approach. We have sought feedback on our draft plan from civic and government leaders, representatives of diverse non-government and community organizations, faculty members, student leaders, staff representatives, and alumni.

Throughout the consultations, the draft plan has been received very positively and many have remarked on its strengths, timeliness, and alignment with York’s commitment to diversity, collaboration with the local and global communities we serve, and excellence in research, learning and teaching.

The feedback also highlighted some areas for further refinement and framing to better communicate our new vision, mission, and guiding values as well as overall goals and key directions for the next five years. The Drafting Team considered all the feedback in its preparation of a final version of the draft plan, and we will be seeking approval of the draft plan in the upcoming December Faculty Council meeting.

Getting to this point is a testament to the remarkable efforts of many individuals across the entire Faculty and to the willingness of many students, staff, alumni and faculty members to offer us their thoughtful insights, perspectives, and experiences within the Faculty.

With warm regards,

David Peters,
Dean, Faculty of Health

Parissa Safai
Chair, Strategic Planning Drafting Team