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Internal Funding and Awards

Anxiety Research - Special Seed Grant Competition

This is a special call for projects focused on anxiety research.

Anxiety can strike at any stage of life and includes a spectrum of state to trait feelings of apprehension as well as more stable anxiety disorders (e.g., panic disorder, phobias, illness anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, etc.) that hinder ability to function in an expected way. Therefore, projects that focus on impact anxiety has on all different life stages and proposes ways to identify, manage and mitigate its effects are welcomed.

Some specific examples include:

  • anxiety that results due to fear of falling for frail elderly, its impact on quality of life;
  • anxiety related to taking diagnostic tests, dealing with clinical test results and a necessary course of treatment or its impact on the ability to live healthy and full lives,
  • anxiety resulting from life events and its impact on mental health, etc.
  • development of innovative research programs that helps people deal with anxiety resulting from different life stages
  • launching and evaluating programs that play crucial roles in preventing and managing anxiety

Deadline: June 13, 2022.

Conference Travel Funds

Conference travel funds are awarded to full-time faculty members to offset the cost of travel to conferences.

Deadlines: May 1, October 1, February 1.

Junior Faculty Funds

Junior Faculty Funds are available to provide junior faculty with grants to support research projects.

Deadline: November 5.

Minor Research Grants

Minor research grants are available to assist faculty in conducting research projects that do not require or are not eligible for major resources.

Deadlines: May 1, November 5.

Collaborative and/or Community-based Research Seed Grant

The Collaborative and/or Community-based Research Seed Grant is available to support small teams of researchers in the initial stages of their research collaborations and to provide small teams with funding support that will assist them in producing co-publication and obtaining external research funds.

Deadlines: October 1, March 1.

Peer Review Incentive Grants

The Peer Review Incentive Grants are small grants to encourage engagement in the Faculty of Health internal peer review process.

Deadline: rolling

Tri-Council Bridge Funding

Tri-Council Bridge Funding is available to faculty members who score highly on an application to a regular Tri-Council competition, but who are unsuccessful.

Faculty of Health Dean's Awards

The Dean's Awards recognize the excellence of individual faculty members in achieving our Mission of providing an innovative and supportive environment for learning, teaching and discovery. Each year three awards are given in three respective categories: Teaching, Research, and Service. In alternating years, these three awards will be given to either Early Career or Established Career faculty.

Deadline: Each year a call for nominations will be sent out to each school/department.