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Falconer Hall



Members of the Department of Psychology at York University were among the founding members of the University and established the very first graduate program at York. This site captures the history of the Psychology Department, and by extension, the history of York University. This website will has links to a photo gallery, exerpts from oral history interviews, newspaper articles, and archival material on the history of York University and the Psychology department itself. The goal of this site is to document and preserve the history of the department and provide a window on the lives of important individuals and their contributions to psychology at York University and Canadian psychology.


September 1960 - York University's First Hires - Standing Outside Falconer Hall

Dr. Norman Endler and Dr. Vello Sermat were t he first two psychology professors hired

First row (left to right) Professor Douglas G. Lochhead, Librarian; Dr. Alice W. Turner, Mathematics; Dr. C. David Fowle, Biology; Mrs. Edith Guild, Spanish; The President; Mrs. Clara Thomas, English; George Harjan, Russian, Professor Edgar W. McInnis, History.
Second row (left to right) Professor John R. Seeley, Sociology; Dr. George Tatham, Dean of Students; Dr. Norman S. Endler, Psychology; Dr. I.R. Pounder, Mathematics; John K. Armour, Director of Physical Plant.
Third row (left to right) Dr. Lester J. Pronger, French; Dr. O Robert Lundell, Chemistry; Dr. Hugh N. Maclean, English; Dr. G. Donald Jackson, French; John D. McFarland, Philosophy; Dr. Vello Sermat, Psychology; John F. Bruckmann, History; Lionel Rubinoff, Philosophy.
Fourth row (left to right) Lloyd E. Jenkins, Director of Information and Development; Howard Langille, Director of Recreation and Athletics; Dr. Arthur C. Johnson, Director of Campus Planning; Dr. Douglas V. Verney, Political Science; Dr. C. D. Goodwin, Economics; Professor Denis Smith, Political Science; Donald S. Rickerd,Registrar; Neil M. Morrison, Dean of the Joseph E. Atkinson Evening College