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Glendon Residence Room Inventory and Condition Report

The Residence Room Inventory and Condition Report needs to be completed and submitted within 72-hours after your move-in day. It will be live on the Housing & Conference Services portal within 24 hours of your move-in, until then you will not see the inventory tab. If you do not complete your inventory within 72 hours, it will be automatically accepted as the current condition listed and you will be responsible for any damage beyond the current condition on file. Suite style residents note that the Shared Inspection is for all residents in your suite, the first student to complete the Shared Inspection will accept on behalf of all residents.  

As you fill out this form, please ensure that it accurately reflects the condition of the room/unit you are moving in to -  including small damages (if applicable). At the end of your residence contract, upon move out, Glendon Housing Services will use your submission to asses the condition of your room and apply residence damage charges accordingly. If you have any concerns with your room that you cannot share through the portal, please notify Glendon Housing services within 72-hours of your move-in.

Please submit a maintenance request if you need something repaired or replaced.

How to complete your room inventory

Log into the Housing & Conference Services portal. If you are a new student and have any issues logging in then you can use MyFile to access the portal. 

Click on Inventory Tab
Image of Inspection Selection

Review the inventory, note the items that are present and take note of their condition. 

Image to show list of items

f the item’s condition is different from the Current Condition listed, please indicate the changes/damages in the Review Comments box.

Image to show comments box.

Click agree next to each item once you have reviewed the item and added your Review Comments (if applicable). 

Image to show the agree button

Once complete, submit your inspection for final review by Housing & Conference Services by clicking Save & Continue. 

Image to show save and continue button

If you have accepted the condition of all the items then the list status is set to "Accepted". If you have issues with any of the items then the list status is set to "Not Accepted".

Resident Support

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us at 416-487-6844 or