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York Apartments Move-Out Information

Move-Out Procedures

As you prepare to vacate your apartment, please refer to the terms of your Residential Tenancy Agreement and your responsibilities outlined below which must be fulfilled before you leave.

Step 1: Agreement to Terminate Tenancy

The resident is responsible for submitting proper notice ahead of their move-out. As per the York Apartments Residential Tenancy Agreement - Termination by Resident:

The Resident acknowledges that the Resident must give at least sixty (60) days written notice of intention to vacate the apartment and end the Tenancy Agreement. The date of termination shall be on the last day of a rental period (last day of the month). Notice is to be submitted (in person or via email to apstatus@yorku.ca) by the Resident to the Housing & Conference Services Office and must be confirmed by both Resident and Landlord signing a Form N11, Agreement to Terminate a Tenancy.

Agreement to Terminate a Tenancy, Form N11

Please print, sign and submit form via email to apstatus@yorku.ca.

Step 2: Avoid Damage and Cleaning Charges

It is important to leave your unit in a clean and damage-free condition. Housing & Conference Services staff will inspect the condition of your apartment after you move out, and expect to find no more than the reasonable wear and tear. Damage and excessive dirt do not constitute wear and tear and may result to charges.

You may be assessed fees for any missing furniture and/or damages to carpets, walls or any other surfaces and University-owned contents. Below is a quick guide on what you should do in terms of preparing your unit for the move-out inspection and in order to avoiding untimely charges:

  1. Clean the refrigerator and remove all the food; do not unplug the refrigerator.
  2. Clean the oven and stove top; move the fridge and stove away and clean behind and under the appliance. Heavy duty cleaners such as Easy-Off are recommended. Be careful not to get oven cleaner on the tile floor – it will stain and may result in charges to your account for tile replacement. Refer to product information on the container.
  3. Clean all grease build-up on kitchen floors, walls, counter and cupboards inside out.
  4. Clean all bathroom fixtures.
  5. Close all windows and window coverings and ensure all water taps and lights are turned off.
  6. Remove all your personal belongings from the apartment.
  7. Deposit all garbage down the chute or take it to the compactor room on the main floor.
  8. Passy residents should take their household garbage to the bins located on the South side of Passy sidewalk.
  9. Dispose of all recycling into the bins provided outside each apartment building.
  10. If you have a storage locker - clear out all belongings and clean it.
  11. If you have any items for donation, please place them in the Oasis bin located at Passy sidewalk. Do not leave them in the hallways or lobby area.
  12. If you have any broken (unusable) items, please do not put them in the donation bins; instead bring them to the loading dock garbage room area. For Passy residents, please bring them to the garbage bin area on the sidewalk.
  13. If you have borrowed a heater, lamp, or fan from the housing office please return it before your move-out date to avoid a charge on your student account.
  14. Prepare to return keys/keycards issued to you (i.e. apartment, building entrance, mail and locker keys). Failing to do so may result to lock change and/or improper move-out charges.

Step 3: Terminate Your Phone and Cable Services

You must terminate your phone and cable services directly with your service provider as per your agreement with your provider prior to your move-out date. This includes any services subscribed through York’s Internet in Residence Service, as your student account will continue to be charged until you request to terminate these services. Please visit the University Information Technology (UIT)'s website for more information.

Housing Services will not contact UIT Services or external service providers to request or cancel services. Residents must contact UIT or other service providers directly.

Step 4: Forward Your Mail

  1. Empty all mail boxes.
  2. Update your forwarding address through the Registrar’s Office and click on “Change My Profile”.
  3. Contact Canada Post in advance to forward your mail to your new address. You will not be allowed access to your mailbox after you vacate your apartment.

Step 5: Book an Elevator

Contact the Housing Office Front Desk via email (yorkapts@yorku.ca) if you need to book an elevator key for your move-out. Elevators can be booked 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday except statutory holidays.

Do not hold the elevator doors open as this could result in mechanical failure.

Step 6: Check Out and Return Key

  1. After you've moved your belongings out, make sure to lock the door before you leave.
  2. Place keys in envelope marked clearly with your:
    • Name
    • Apartment number
    • Forwarding address
    • Telephone number or email address
  3. Place the envelope in the mail slot in the east entrance door of 340 Assiniboine Road.

All keys must be returned. If any keys are not received on move-out day, it will result to a charge in your Student Account.

Note: your buzzcode to the building will be deactivated upon move-out.

We hope your stay at York University Apartments was a pleasant one and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Note: Housing & Conference Services strives to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information contained on this website, however, we reserve the right to change any of the information at any time without notice.