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Undergraduate Residence Rates

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Residence Rates (2024-2025)

ResidenceResidence StyleRoom TypeRate (8 Months)Dining Plan
Traditional Double$8,092Required
Suite (4 Students)Single$9,688Optional
Suite (4 Students) Double$9,226Optional
Suite (12 Students)Single$9,260Optional
CalumetSuite (6 Students)Single$10,214Optional
Suite (6 Students)Double$9,726Optional
PondSuite (2 Students)Single$11,076Optional
Tatham HallTraditional Single$8,882Required
TraditionalDouble $8,152Required
TraditionalDouble$8,152 Required
Traditional Single Semi-Private$8,722Required
Traditional Double Semi-Private $8,146Required
Residence fees will be posted on the student's account. Students have the option of paying their fees in two installments; the first installment is due by September 10 and the second is due by January 10. Interest charges (1% per month) will be applied to accounts with outstanding balances past the indicated due dates. Dining plans and rates are available at the Food Services Dining Plan Page.
Please visit the Student Financial Services website for instructions about making payments to your student account. Student account statements are posted on your Student Account near the 18th of each month.

Residence Occupancy Agreement

Your Residence Occupancy Agreement is a legal contract that outlines the terms and conditions of your accommodation with York University. It includes your residence fees, services available to you, and guidelines to follow while living in residence.

Other Fees

Application Fee$250Mandatory
Refund conditions are in accordance with current year's Application Cancellation Policy.
$150 will be credited towards the student’s account after move-in.
Residence Room Deposit$750Mandatory, pay upon acceptance of housing offer
Refund conditions are in accordance with current year's Application Cancellation Policy.
Not an additional fee and will be credited towards the student’s account after move-in.
Residence Life Activity and Administration Fee$80Mandatory upon moving in
For residence programming and activities
Early Arrival/Late Departure Fee$50Chargeable daily rate to any student who received written approval to move in earlier than the occupancy start date or move out later than the occupancy end date.
Late Cancellation Fee$250Chargeable to students who cancel their room reservation after July 15 and continue to be enrolled at the University.
No-Show Fee$500Chargeable to Incoming residents who did not move in to residence.
Students must notify Housing & Conference Services, in writing, if they will be arriving after their scheduled move-in date. Any student who does not move in by the first day of classes without previously informing Housing & Conference Services will lose their room reservation, forfeit their room deposit and be assessed a No-Show Fee.
Transfer Fee$125Chargeable to any resident who has received written approval to transfer to another residence or room.
Lock-out Fee$50Chargeable to residents who left their keys in the unit and requires assistance to be let back in are assessed a lock-out fee upon 3rd lock-out and each lockout thereafter.
Key Replacement Fee$25 (Key Card)

$100 Hard Key

$25 Mailbox Key
Chargeable to residents whose keys were lost of stolen, or those who fail to return keys upon move-out.
Students who damaged their key cards may come to the Housing Office and bring the damaged card for a replacement will not be charged.
Holiday Closure Fee$500Chargeable to residents who received approval to remain in residence during the Holiday Closure period as determined by Housing & Conference Services.
Holiday Closure Late Application Fee$100Chargeable to residents who apply to stay during the Holiday Closure period past the deadline.
Early Withdrawal Fee$500 + Remainder of contract


$500 + pro-rated accommodation fees if new resident takes over the room/space
Students must notify Housing & Conference Services, in writing, if they are withdrawing from residence. They will be responsible for the remainder of their residence and dining plan fees or the $500 Withdrawal Fee and the pro-rated room and dining plan fees in the event that the vacated room is assigned to a new resident.

*Housing & Conference Services cannot guarantee if or when vacant rooms will be assigned to another student.
Improper Move-out Fee$100Chargeable to residents who failed to comply with move-out requirements as specified on the Move-out Information Page. This may be in conjunction with other fees, such as Key Replacement Fees.
Damage FeesAs assessed by Housing ServicesChargeable to residents if there’s any damages to the residence room, suite or building caused by them or their guests.

*If Housing & Conference Services/Residence Life cannot determine who is responsible for the damages, all members of the community (e.g. suite, house, floor) will be charged for the required repairs.
Cleaning FeesAs assessed by Housing ServicesChargeable to residents upon failing to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness in their room/suite/common areas.
Violation/Infraction FeesAs assessed by Residence LifeChargeable to resident imposed by Housing & Conference Services and/or Residence Life for Code of Conduct violations.
Telephone & TV Cable ServicesAs assessed by InRes Services or external servicesChargeable to resident if subscribed.
Please refer to the Ontario Tax Credit For Rent Payers in Student Housing and Student Financial Services website for more information.

Application and Reservation Cancellation Policy

  1. Every residence application MUST be accompanied by the $250 application fee ($100 non-refundable administrative fee).
  2. Pending availability, a room offer will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant in their student records.
  3. The official date of the room offer will be the date that the email is sent and not the date that the email is read by the student.
  4. Students will be required to pay a $750 Room Deposit to accept and hold the room space.
  5. If a student wishes to cancel their application, they must do so in writing by submitting the Application Cancellation Form.

Students must notify, in writing, Housing & Conference Services by July 15, 2024, if they opt to cancel their residence reservation and receive their deposit*.

Any student who cancels their room reservation after that date will forfeit their residence room deposit and application fee and will be assessed a late cancellation fee. 

Cancellation DateFees ForfeitedFees Reimbursed
Prior to receiving an offer$100$150
After an offer is made$250$0
After confirming and paying the $750 deposit – July 15 and prior$250$750
After confirming and paying the $750 deposit – July 16 and after$900+ $250 for late cancellation fee$0

*Denied study permits/not accepted to York: It is the student’s responsibility to notify Housing & Conference Services within 10 business days if they are not accepted at York University or not receiving their study permit. Students should include proof of study permit denial/non-acceptance to York to be considered for a refund of their deposit. Students who contact Housing & Conference Services within 10 business days of they are not accepted at York University or not receiving their study permit will be considered for a refund of their deposit after July 15, 2024.

Please note: Housing & Conference Services processes refunds in batches. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible.

Note: The information contained herein is current at the time of printing, however, it is necessary from time to time to alter rates and policies and the University reserves the right to make these changes.
Information updated in June 2024