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“The Village” is a residential neighbourhood of approximately 800 privately owned townhouses beyond the south boundary of York University’s Keele Campus. The University has no formal relationship with the Village, though it does provide shuttle bus service into the area, as many students reside there. Toronto Police Service has the “serve and protect” responsibility for residents of “The Village”, as it does for all residential communities within the City of Toronto. Likewise, all roadways within “The Village” are City owned and Toronto municipal parking by-laws apply and are enforced
by Toronto parking enforcement officers.

Many homes in The Village have been converted into “rooming houses” by property owners, who rent to York University students. Some property owners make rooms in their houses available to anyone, on a short- or long-term basis, whether they are York students or not. According to Toronto Star and other media reports, rooming houses in this neighbourhood may have up to 16 rooming units, including converted spaces in garages. The City of Toronto has not yet established standards for rooming houses in this area and many in the Village likely do not conform to Provincial building and fire regulations or to the former by-laws prohibiting rooming houses in the former City of North York. Many owners of rooming houses in The Village do not live within the rooming houses that they own.

York University participates in a community liaison committee with representatives of the residents of The Village, the York Federation of Students, Toronto Police Service, Toronto Fire Service, EMS, and the local City Councillor. This committee is addressing concerns of ratepayers, students, the City and the University such as community safety and by-law enforcement and compliance.

TIPS for York Students Living in The Village or Elsewhere Off-campus

  • Know your rights
  • Ensure your living quarters are safe and secure and meet fire standards
  • Know your neighbours
  • Know your responsibilities (noise, cleanliness, garbage, etc.)
  • Attend to your own personal safety, including locking your doors
  • Make use of York’s Campus Shuttle (where available) or the TTC
  • Program Emergency Services 911 and York Emergency 416-736-5333 on your cellphone

Bed bugs have made a recent resurgence all across North America as well as Europe and are now being found in high end hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, libraries, public transportations, and even college/university residences. Although York University Housing hasn’t been impacted by this infestation, as a preventative measure, we are drawing awareness to this topic.


  • Small, brownish insects 4-5 mm long and are oval shaped and flat. 
  • Bed bugs can hide in small places such as in baseboards, carpets, bed frames, mattress seams. luggage zippers, and sofas.
  • Bed bugs bite at night when people are sleeping and can leave clusters marks on human skin.
  • According to Toronto Public Health “Bed bugs are not considered a health hazard and do not transmit disease”
Photo of bedbug


  • Bed bugs are often carried into your home on objects. Be careful when buying used furniture or clothes. Inspect seams, folds, zippers or any other location that provides the bed bugs with a hiding place.
  • If you have been travelling, upon returning home: Inspect the luggage and wash all your clothes in the hottest water possible and put them in a hot dryer for 20 minutes.


  • Insect bites on exposed areas of the body
  • For more informations, please check out the City of Toronto link on bedbugs.


  • Report it immediately to the Housing Office. Housing and Conference Services will work together with you and our pest control professionals to eliminate the problem.
  • Cooperation is the key. Housing and Conference Services is committed to providing residents with a pest-free environment. We cannot be successful in this without the cooperation of all residents. Please report any suspicion of bed bugs to the Housing Office immediately.

University Information Technology (UIT) supports all students on campus with a range of services. Please visit their website for more information.

Pleaser read through the handbook for your own personal safety.

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  1. Executive Learning Centre (on campus)
  2. Holiday Inn Express (10 mins by car, 35 mins by public transit)
  3. Staybridge Suites Toronto - Vaughan South (10 mins by car, 30 mins by public transit)
  4. Four Points by Sheraton Vaughan (7 mins by car, 25 mins by public transit)

The Residence Life team at York is here to improve your experience living in residence! Learn more.

Campus Safety Department has developed some tips for students around safety on campus. Learn more.

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