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Postdoctoral Fellows

A photo of Jeta Molla

Jeta Molla

Topic: Mathematical modelling of behaviour in disease spread

BSc & MSc: Mathematics and Statistics, National and Technical University of Athens, Greece
PhD: Applied Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom

Jeta's research focuses on mathematical modelling of infectious diseases as well as numerical analysis and simulations of stochastic PDEs. Her current research is on coupling human behavior models with disease dynamics to better understand how social and epidemiological conditions together influence the course of a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic started while Jeta was finishing her PhD, and its impact on the world and communities motivated her to be part of the interdisciplinary team at Aalto University involving scientists from academia and health institutes from across the Nordic region to support preparedness and decision making for COVID-19. Over the course of her PhD, Jeta was engaged in two distinct projects: mathematical modelling of Lithium-ion batteries, and numerical analysis and simulation of the stochastic wave equation.

Jeta's interests outside of research include reading, cooking, and hiking.

Doctoral Students

Laura Keane

Topic: Mathematical modelling of batteries

BSc Actuarial Mathematics, Dublin City University
MSc Mathematical Modelling, University of Limerick

Laura's research interests are in applied and industrial mathematics - applying mathematics to solve real world problems. Her current research focus relates to using mathematical methods such as numerical simulation and asymptotic analysis to understand how different materials can be used to help prolong battery lifetimes. She also has a keen interest in science communication, in particular, promoting the various ways math can lead to different careers, the ways it can be used in our everyday lives, and generally making math less intimidating for people.

Outside of research Laura enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and loves to travel, exploring different countries and cultures.

  • York University Faculty of Science Richard Jarrell Exellence in Teaching at the Graduate Level Award (2021)
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2020)
  • York University Carswell Scholarship (2019)
A photo of Laura Keane

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Zahra Khanzad

Topic: Distancing dynamics on a social spectrum

BSc Mathematics Teaching, Farhangian University
MSc Applied Mathematics, Sharif University of Technology

Zahra enjoy mathematical modelling of diseases and also teaching mathematics.

Masters Students

Avneet Kaur (University of British Columbia)

Topic: Behaviour in disease modelling

Bsc (Honours) Physics and Mathematics, St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi

Avneet joined the University of British Columbia to begin her Master’s in Mathematics in January 2022. Her main research interests lie in Mathematical modelling and scientific computing. Her research involves exploring opinion dynamics and its impact on the spread of disease with the help of mathematical models.

photo of Avneet Kaur

photo of Chang In Oh

Chang In Oh

Topic: Linear Unmixing Algorithms

BSc Mathematics in Society with a Minor in Japanese Studies, University of Western Ontario

Changin joined the Moyles group in Fall 2021. He formerly collaborated with the Krembil Research Institute in Toronto where he gained experience in practical applications of graph theory to different biological and chemical problems. His research focus for his MA degree is on linear unmixing algorithms in microscopy.

When he is not doing math, he spends his free time programming and watching animal videos.

Undergraduate Students

Tamara Kostyuk

Topic: Mathematical modelling of climate

BSc Applied Mathematics, York University (Expected 2022)

Tamara’s research interests are in modelling climate, environmental, and biological systems. During her postgraduate studies, she plans to focus on modelling complex biological and environmental systems connected to causes and effects of the climate change. Mathematical modelling is one of the tools that society can use to study climate change phenomena and find a way to counteract or reverse their negative impact on people’s lives.

Outside of research, Tamara enjoys hiking, reading, learning new languages.

  • 3rd place best talk York Undergraduate Summer Research Day (2021)
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (2021)
a photo of Tamara Kostyuk

a photo of Iffah Pasha

Iffah Pasha

Topic: Waning immunity in diseases

Iffah is studying Biomedical Science at York. She loves animals (my favourite animal is elephants) and I’m a foodie at heart. My passions lie within visual arts and science. I’m interested in pursuing professional school after my undergraduate degree, but am open to different paths.

  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Reseach Award (2022)
  • STEM Indicium Fellow (2021)


Tamara Kostyuk, BSc. Topic: Mathematical modelling of powdery mildew in cannabis. Currently finishing undergraduate studies (NSERC Undergraduate Research Award)
Amen Okungbowa, BSc. Topic: Degredation of microplastics in oceans. Currently finishing undergraduate studies (York University Science Scholars Award)
Quynh Vu, BSc. Topic: Modelling COVID-19 infection in theme parks. Currently finishing undergraduate studies (Dean's Undergraduate Research Award)
Fatima Ahmed, BSc. Topic: Designing loan libraries for winter clothing.
Gian Alix, BSc. Topic: Mathematical Modelling of Salmonella in Onions. Currently complete a Masters degree at York University (Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence from the Vector Institute)
Mehrdad Kazemi, BSc. Topic: Vaccine Dynamics in COVID-19. Currently finishing undergraduate studies
Iffah Pasha, BSc. Topic: Overheating in Batteries. Currently finishing undergraduate studies and starting a new project with me
Tasnim Kassia, BSc. Topic: Overheating in Batteries. Currently finishing undergraduate studies
Mithuzha Thangavel, BSc. Topic: Overheating in Batteries. Currently finishing undergraduate studies
Suzan Sardroodi, Postdoctoral Researcher. Topic: Social Distancing Dynamics for COVID-19.
Alina Dubovskaya, PhD. Topic: Mathematical Modelling of Phosphorus Transport.
Joshua Duley, PhD. Topic: Liesegang Rings.
James Fannon, PhD. Topic: Drumlins and Granular Flows. Currently working at Met Eireann in Ireland (SIAM best poster winner)
Laura Keane, MSc. Topic: Flow in triangular pipes. Currently completing a PhD with me