The Earth Observations Laboratory (EOL) was established at York University in 1992 through funding support of the Ontario Centre of Excellence programme, primarily through the Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology (CRESTech), but also assisted by associated government and industrial partners.  The major thrust was to enhance the capacity for university faculty and students to undertake research into the potential of imaging spectrometry to develop quantitative optical remote sensing methods and applications.  Through dedication of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, project scientists, and funding support of numerous projects between 1992 and 2003, EOL established the capability for airborne operations with its Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager (CASI), including operational, turn-key geometric and radiometric calibration of airborne imagery to produce at-surface, reflectance imagery.  The first major project undertaken was a contribution to the BOREAS project between 1994 and 1996, followed by applications-oriented projects sponsored by CRESTech and the GEOIDE Centre of Excellence projects.


In 2003, CRESTech was downsized and all research labs were transferred to the relevant cooperating universities. The facilities in EOL were transferred to York University where research activities are continuing.  However, with the retirement of John Miller July 1, 2008 the facilities of EOL are now being managed, augmented, and further developed by Geomatics Engineering Professor Baoxin Hu [http://www.yorku.ca/baoxin/[baoxin@yorku.ca].


Recent EOL Research Projects [2003 – 2008]


Recent projects (within the past 5 years) carried out by the Earth Observations Laboratory under the leadership of Professor John Miller are provided in tabular form below, with links to resulting journal (J) and conference (C) publications.



Funding Agency/Title

Period Held

Publication Links

John Miller

NSERC Discovery Grant: "Remote monitoring methods of vegetation functioning”

2003 – 2009


J88, J84, J83, J79, C131, C127

Nicolas Tremblay (AAFC) et al: Miller, J. R. (YorkU)

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Research Contract: “CASI Airborne Data Acquisition for Developments in Precision Agriculture” [contribution to AAFC GAPS Project].

2004 - 2008

J82, C129, C112, C105

Bernard Long (INRS-ETE) et al, including G. Sohn, J. Miller, YorkU.

GEOIDE (Phase III: Project# SLMDFM12 : Projet géomatique intégré en zone cotière: Fusion des Données Terrestres, Aéroportées et Marines (FUDOTERAM)

2005 - 2009

J85, C132, C126

Jing Chen (U of T), A. Simic, and J. R. Miller

University of Toronto/PWGSC/CSA Contract: “Refining the Concept of Combining Hyperspectral and Multi-angle Sensors for Land Surface Applications - CASI Airborne Data Contribution”

2007 - 2008

J87, J73, C130,

John Miller & B. Hu

Canadian Space Agency Research Contract: “HERO Utility Development and Related Activities Task 1 Data Evaluation”

2003 - 05

C89, C88

John Miller

S. Jacquemoud, J. Moreno, I. Moya, W. Verhoef, P. Zarco-Tejada

European Space Agency, Research Contract: ”Development of a Vegetation Fluorescence Canopy Model”, York University (Prime Contractor), with sub-contractors: U. Paris, U. Valencia, U. Valladolid and  National Aerospace Lab., The Netherlands

2002 - 2004

J75, J71, C117, C116, C115, C103

John Miller,  Rivard, B., Chen, J. M., Collins, M., Harris, J., Noland, T., O’Neill, N. T. , Sanchez-Azofeifa, G. A., Tremblay, N., Zwick, H.H.

National Centres of Excellence (NCE), Geomatics for Informed Decisions (GEOIDE) : “Imaging spectroscopy: Developments for Renewable and Mineral Resources

2002 - 2005



J68, J67, J66, J65, J64, J62,

Pablo Zarco-Tejada, et al. including

J.R. Miller

Spanish Ministry of Science & Technology (MCyT), Estimation of leaf and crop biophysical variables through radiative transfer modeling and hyperspectral remote sensing for integration with precision agriculture”

2002 - 2005

J86, J79, J72, J69, C114

Elizabeth Pattey, (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada) et al. including J. R. Miller

Canadian Space Agency: Earth Observation – Government Related Initiatives Program: “Retrieval of biophysical crop and field descriptors for delineating homogeneous field sub-units for crop management using CV-580 Polarimetric SAR data and CASI Hyperspectral Reflectance”

2002 - 2004

J81, J78, J76, J74, C113, C110, C109, C104

Udo Nielson (Dendron),   J. R. Miller, T. Noland

Canadian Space Agency: Earth Observations Applications Development: “Tree Species Identification using Hyperspectral Data

2002 - 2003

C128, C108, C102, C101

Udo Nielson,            J. Miller, T. Noland

Canadian Space Agency: Earth Observations Applications Development: “Hyperspectral Indicators of Forest Condition: Jack Pine

2001 - 2002

J80, C123

John Miller, B. Hu

Macdonald, Detwiller & Associates (MDA) Research Contract: “Compressed hyperspectral cubes”

2002 - 2003




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