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Answers to questions that were asked many, many times...
Q. What is Kendo?
A. There is a great article about Kendo (history, rules, etiquette etc.) on Japanese Cultural Center Kendo club webpage. Please visit the site if you'd like to know more about Kendo. They have some historical pictures too.
Q. Who can join the club?
York University Kendo Club is a non-profit organization funded by York University. Therefore, the club is open to all York University students. The club also accepts a limited number of non-students such as alumni and staff. Please check with the club representatives ( if you have a question about your qualification.
Q. When can I join the club?
A. We accept new members at the beginning of each new school semester, usually the first 2 weeks. During this time, feel free to join the class and try Kendo. The deadline to join the club will be posted on our Discussion board. You can also send us an email to or join our facebook page..
Q. How do I join the club?
Download and fill out the application form and bring it to the club executives before the deadline. (Click here to download the form) The application deadline is usually in October for the full year.
Q. Are there any costs involved?
There is a registration fee of $60/semester ($40 in summer) or $155 for the full year (Includes Shinai and Shinai bag) if paid by the October deadline. Returning members only pay $80 for the full year (Fall/Winter/Summer). The fees collected will be used to support club activities.
Q. What equipment(s) do I need to start?
A. As a beginner any exercise outfit that fits you comfortably will be sufficient. You will be bare-footed in the class, so no special shoes are required. However, you do need a Shinai to start. A Shinai can be purchased at any local Martial arts stores and will cost between $20-$30. During the trail weeks, we may be able to let you borrow Shinai from other club members, but it would be subject to availability. Once you become a member you're expected to get your own Shinai and uniform (Kendo Gi and Hakama).
Q. Would you recommend a store where I can purchase Kendo equipments?
A. Kendo equipments are usually ordered from the online kendo shops. Contact the club executives for more info.
Q. Do you rent Kendo equipments?
A. No, we do not rent Kendo equipments.
Q. What are your Class Hours?
A. Please check "Club Calendar" for an up-to-date class schedule.
Q. Can I join in the middle of the year?
A. We do not accept new members once the deadline is passed. However, we do make an exception based on each case - especially if you're an experienced Kendo player with your own bogu. Please send an inquiry to
Q. Do you need any experience?
A. No, you do not need any experience, and beginners are always welcomed!
Q. Is the club open during the summer?
A. Our club is open through out the year, except during exam times and the days that the University is closed.
Q. Can I come and watch a class?
A. Sure. Just drop by.
Q. I can only come to practice once a week. Is this OK?
A. Yes, every member is expected to join the practice at least once a week.
Q. Can I practice at York University Kendo Club for a short period of time, even though I am a member of a different Kendo organization?
A. We always welcome guests from other Kendo Clubs. However, the university charges an entrance fee of $10 for non-students. You have an option of purchasing a club membership at $30/term. Please talk to the club executives.
Q. Any other Kendo Clubs in Toronto, Ontario, or within Canada?
A. York University Kendo Club is a member of the Canadian Kendo Federation - CKF. CKF's web site contains information about other member clubs in Canada. Please check our "Links" section.