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Workers' Stories in the COVID-19 Era: A Dialogue Series by the GLRC

Workers' Stories in the COVID-19 Era: A Dialogue Series by the GLRC

Erratic work hours, increased duties, and a significant blurring of boundaries between work and home are some of the major impacts the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have on the world of work. Workers’ Stories in the Covid-19 Era is an interview series that aims at building a repository of worker narratives on the Covid-19 pandemic. Covering important themes of worker mental health, lack of supports such as paid sick days, and, increased workload and burnout out due to economic losses caused by the global health crisis, this series places critical worker perspectives along mounting evidence around safety risks experienced by front-line workers and increasing precarity among workers from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds.

“Workers’ Stories in the COVID-19 Era illuminates the multiple and intersecting vulnerabilities faced by different types of workers - from student workers to temporary migrant workers to healthcare professionals to service workers. Through in-depth interviews our brilliant group of researchers are uncovering how COVID-19 has magnified existing inequalities. Yet, far from only illuminating migrant distress, the interview series also highlights the possibilities for subversive change with many interviewees pointing to the benefits of workers organizing to protect their rights and entitlements.”

- Ethel Tungohan

Workers’ Stories in the Covid-19 Era is led by GLRC Executive Ethel Tungohan (Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair, Politics) with interviews conducted and edited by Christina Love (Undergraduate Student, Indigenous Studies, and French), Tinu Koithara Mathew (PhD Candidate, Human Resources Management), and Suzanne Spiteri (PhD, Sociology). To know more or collaborate, connect with Hajer Mirwali, Coordinator, GLRC.