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Public Lecture Series

Our public lecture series, launched in 2020, is open to everyone. Join us as we discuss the most pressing issues in anthropology and broader society. Get inspired and expand your horizons with leading scholars from York and all around the world.

Behind the Paradise of Cottage Country

Treaties, Indigenous Wellness and Applying Anthropology

Past Lectures

Treaties, Indigenous Wellness and Applying Anthropology

What are the ethics of applying anthropology when it comes to law and First Nations treaties? Iwasthe First Nations oral history expert when the Chippewa and Mississauga First Nations of south-central Ontario litigated the land, compensation and exclusion of harvesting rights, made as a condition of signing the Williams Treaties of 1923. These treaties cover much of what is now considered cottage country. Mytalk explains my involvement in the litigation using Anishnaabe memories of the treaty negotiation. Iexplainhow thesehistories reveal Indigenous agency and ill health, and I provoke us to rethinkthe ethics of applying anthropology in legal contexts.


  • Darrel Manitowabi, Associate Professor, Human Sciences, Inaugural AMS Hannah Chair in the History of Indigenous Health and Indigenous Traditional Medicine, Northern Ontario School
  • Naomi Adelson, Professor Emerita, Department of Anthropology, York University and Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University