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Browse the latest research from our experienced faculty members who continue to push boundaries and gain recognition for their contributions. We hope their efforts help and inspire your work. Please feel free to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities.

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Image of a later next to text with book title of Radical Resilence Athenian Topographies of Precarity and Possibility

Radical Resilience: Athenian Topographies of Precarity and Possibility

Radical Resilience relates narratives of Athenians struggling to survive the impoverishment of relentless austerity measures, compounding emergencies, and human disasters of successive national crises in Greece since 2010.

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governing the social in neoliberal times book cover

Rosemary J. Coombe

“Aboriginal Community Research: Government and Neoliberal Self-Determination” co-authored  with Daniel Huizenga was published in Deborah Brock, ed., Re-making Normal: Governing ...

Parca’s Picks: Stuck and Unstuck by Numbers in the Tourist State of Belize study cover

Kenneth Little

2019  "Parca's Picks: Stuck and Unstuck by Numbers in the Tourist State of Belize." Caton, K. and Munar, A, eds. ...

Book cover with the title at the top half in black background and a cartoon image of buildings at the bottom half

Shubhra Gururani

"Designed to Fail: Technopolitics of Sewage in India's Urban Periphery." In Critical Perspectives on Suburban Infrastructures: Contemporary International Cases. Edited by ...

humanity journal cover for volume 10, number 2, summer 2019

Margaret MacDonald

2019. “The Image World of Maternal Mortality: Visual economies of hope and aspiration in global campaigns to reduce maternal mortality.” ...

indiana journal of global legal studies

Othon Alexandrakis

2019 "Rethinking Social Resistance Through the Consolidating Politics of Humanitarian Populism in Mytilene, Greece." Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies ...

reproductive health book cover

Margaret MacDonald

2019. “Socio cultural contextual factors of an mhealth application to improve maternal health in Senegal: an ethnographic study looking at ...

islam: an illustrated journey book cover

Zulfikar Hirji

Islam: An Illustrated Journey. Farhad Daftary and Zulfikar Hirji. 2018. Azimuth Editions in Association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. ...

Health and Difference: Rendering Human Variation in Colonial Engagements book cover

Alexandra Widmer

Volume 8 of Studies of the Biosocial Society, edited by Alexandra Widmer & Veronika Lipphardt

legacies of violence book cover

Antonio Sorge

Legacies of Violence: History, Society, and the State in Sardinia. Antonio Sorge. University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division; Illustrated ...

between empires book cover

Zulfikar Hirji

Between Empires: Sheikh-Sir Mbarak al-Hinawy (1896-1959). Azimuth Editions. 2012. ISBN: 1898592099.

Diversity and Pluralism in islam book cover

Zulfikar Hirji

Diversity and Pluralism in Islam and Muslim Contexts: Historical and Contemporary Discourses amongst Muslims I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, 2010 ISBN: ...