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YU Explore Lead Coordinator

YU Explore Lead Coordinator

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YU Explore Lead Coordinator

Program: YU Explore Program

Unit / Department: Student Success & Access Programs

Job Type: Leadership, Peer Leader Roles, Programming

Eligibility: You must be eligible for work-study or international work-study to work within the Faculty of LA&PS. Please review the eligibility requirements for domestic students and international students to verify your status.

Number of Positions Available: 2

Type of Position: Paid

Rate of Pay: $17.00 per hour

Employment Term: May 2023-April 2024

Hours of Work: SU 34.5 hours per week; F/W 10 hours per week

Job Description:

The YU Explore program serves all students in the Undeclared Major (UNMA) program by fostering the academic and organizational skills necessary for academic and personal success across all programs. Through group workshops, cohort-based consultation services, and community building events, the YU Explore Coordinator promotes independent learning by working with UNMA students to develop university-level learning skills and strategies, enhanced self-awareness about themselves, and improved academic confidence and success. The YU Explore Program supports the mandate of York University by contributing to successful transitions to university, retention, engagement, and student academic and personal success. Under the direction of the LA&PS Student Success Team, the YU Explore Coordinators are upper-level students who are energetic and resourceful individuals who facilitate aid and support to UNMA students at York University. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Attend and participate in LA&PS Student Success Team trainings 
  • Create and implement UNMA targeted support through the YU Explore Peer Mentor Curriculum 
  • Coordinate and execute the recruitment, training, and development of volunteer YU Explore Peer Mentors  
  • Conduct weekly check-ins with all YU Explore Peer Mentors who are supporting UNMA students; these check-ins will be informed by the YU Explore Peer Mentor Curriculum 
  • Assist the Student Success Coordinator in the creation and delivery of YU Explore workshops, social events, and academic support programming 
  • In collaboration with the Student Success Coordinator, create summer, fall, and winter workshop and event schedules for YU Explore 
  • In collaboration with the Student Success Coordinator, connect with campus partners to facilitate YU Explore workshops 
  • In collaboration with the Academic Advising team and Student Success Team, present and promote the YU Explore program at new student transition events (i.e. York Orientation Day, Winter Orientation Day, etc.) 
  • Responsible for the marketing and promotion of the YU Explore program via communications/social media strategy (i.e. emails, Civitas, eClass, Instagram), in collaboration with the LA&PS Engagement Team, and campus partners (I.e. Vanier College Council, Ready Set YU, Career Centre, Learning Skills Services, Academic Advising, etc.) 
  • Meet with Student Success Coordinator on a weekly basis 
  • Build and monitor online learning communities for UNMA students. This may include, but is not limited to eClass, WhatsApp, Slack etc. 
  • Be available to assist YU Explore Peer Mentors during office hours 
  • Ensure the dissemination and collection of YU Explore assessment pieces, including but not limited to, York Orientation Day pre-surveys, event post-surveys, post-semester survey 
  • Attend all Student Leader Connection (SLC) meetings 
  • Update and monitor the YU Explore webpage on the LA&PS Colleges website 
  • In collaboration with Student Success Team, submit a year-end report for the YU Explore program by collating data collected through surveys, event attendance, YU Explore Peer Mentor engagement, post-event feedback, etc. 
  • Assist the Academic Advising team with UNMA declaration nudge campaigns, as needed 
  • Attend all necessary training sessions and meetings, as identified by the Student Success Team  
  • Facilitate Becoming YU check-ins for YU Explore Peer Mentors 
  • Complete other duties as assigned 

Student Learning Components:

As part of your experience, you will participate in Becoming YU, a program designed to support students in:  

  • Creating meaningful goals and objectives  
  • Recognizing the value of their personal, academic and professional experiences  
  • Identifying their competencies and skills   
  • Articulating their skills and experiences with confidence.  

Becoming YU includes regular meetings with your student employment supervisor/coach for reflecting on your progress and getting valuable feedback. 


  • Current and continuing undergraduate York student (we encourage applicants who have declared a major from the Undeclared Majors program or a current Undeclared Major student) 
  • High academic standing 
  • Previous relevant experience with peer mentoring, tutoring or other peer support at a post-secondary, preferably university level 
  • Previous experience as a Peer Mentor is preferred   
  • Previous experience in the YU Explore program is preferred 
  • Must be work-study eligible 
  • Must be in good academic standing and meet academic honesty policies and guidelines 


  • Experience-based knowledge of effective study strategies and learning skills 
  • Extensive knowledge of York University and LA&PS specific resources 
  • Ability to liaise with campus partners including but not limited to: Learning Skills Services, Career Education and Development, and LA&PS Academic Advising 
  • Sensitivity to and awareness of the academic support needs of students 
  • Ability to work supportively with students in a confidential and professional manner 
  • Demonstrated commitment to peer academic support and the value of post-secondary education 
  • Demonstrate leadership ability 
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills 
  • Strong presentation skills 
  • Some graphic design/artistic ability, marketing and/or communications background 
  • Great attention to detail  
  • Strong organizational and time management skills 
  • Ability and willingness to work both independently and as part of a team  
  • Eagerness to learn and take initiative 
  • Knowledge of York’s services and resources for students  
  • Students who are a good fit for this position are dynamic, approachable, knowledgeable and open to learning about themselves and others. They will show high levels of emotional intelligence combined with excellent adaptability and organizational skills 

Required Application Documents: Cover Letter, Resume