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Vanier College Fellows

The title Vanier College Fellow applies to faculty and staff throughout York University who are committed to contributing to the academic and social life of our College. Vanier Fellows are also committed to helping you with academic problems, career choices or for a friendly chat.

Vanier Fellows include:

  • Award-winning Teachers
  • A recipient of the Distinguished Research Professorship
  • Well-known Canadian Artists
  • A recipient of the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit from the German Government
  • A recipient of University-Wide Teaching Award
  • Senior University Administrators
  • Internationally-acclaimed Canadian Authors
  • A member of the Order of Canada
  • A Grammy Award-winner

Meet our Fellows

Gordon Albright

Gisela Argyle

Frank Belluardo

Gary Brewer

James Burt

Marla Chodak

Elizabeth Dolan

Renate Faverin

Edward Fenner

Philip Johnson

Eric Lawee

Marty Lockshin

Barry Miller

Billie Mullick

Paul Swarney

Fred Weizmann